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Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you like Dogs?

Are you looking for one?

Hey folks,

Check these out.

Interested? Well they all need homes. You know my Friend over at 850 WFTL, Rich Stevens Hosts the Greatest Morning Show on the Air in the AM, he is also a avid Animal Lover. One of his favorite animals are Dogs. This from his Site

If you know me at all you know that I love dogs!

Even though dogs are caring, smart, loveable, sometimes it is beyond their control of where they end up living. These 12 adorable dogs ended up in the shelter.

My mission with "Rich Stevens Pet Project" is to get these 12 dogs a new home for the holidays!

Look at their faces, they want to be part of your family and are ready to come home with you today.

If you are not looking to adopt a dog, I am sure you must know a loving family that does want to adopt, would you take a moment and post this page to your Facebook wall, and email it to people you know that can share it as well?

Let's pull together and get them all new homes for the holidays!
Thanks so much and Happy Holiday's,

Rich Stevens
If you love Dogs, and if you are looking to get a dog, why not save one of these BEAUTIFUL Dogs. If you are not looking for a Dog, then why not ask around. Anyone you know looking for one? Go to and you can click the Pictures and learn more information. I understand that some of you may not live here in Sunny South Florida, but PLEASE consider checking out these Dogs, they would not mind moving. {Smile}

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