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Friday, December 02, 2011

A Sincere Thank You To Freddie Roman and Dick Capri

Also a sincere Thank you to Rich Stevens

Hey folks,

I had a perfect Friday From the Emails Segment ready to go this morning. It will have to wait until Sunday. I have to talk about last night. Last night was a magical and funny night. It took me back to my childhood and it made me and Laura laugh harder than we have in a while. A Long While.

You see folks, there were two very special Guests in town. Freddie Roman and Dick Capri. If you know who these two Gentlemen are, I need say no more. They truly are the Kings of Comedy. Not because someone named them that, but because this is WHO they are. They have been doing Comedy for over 50 years. The Catskills would not be the Catskills if it were not for them. They brought a little bit of the Catskills, of which I remember well, to right here in Sunny South Florida.

OK, so this all started a little bit ago, when the GREATEST Morning Show, as I keep telling you, The Conversation with Rich Stevens and News Dude Dave McBride, came on the air and said, "Hey, we got tickets to the Kings of Catskill Comedy, Freddie Roman and Dick Capri, who are coming to the Coral Springs Center for the Performing Arts on December 1st. The Show is Free! But you have to have a Ticket, and the only way you can get a Ticket is to win one from 850 WFTL Radio." Let the frenzy begin. {Smile}

Every time after that, that Rich STARTED to mention the Tickets, the Phone Banks lit up. Ten at a time here 5 there. Rich's Show. Dave's Morning News Show, Joyce Kaufman, even gave some away. Folks, not just because of this, but seriously, you really need to check out 850 WFTL Radio. I am pretty much tuned in there from like 7 am till somewhere around 2 sometimes later. Time allows. I know you may not live here in South Florida, but you can listen any time you want Online.

Anyway, they gave away the tickets, yet the phones kept ringing. The Emails kept coming. People kept clamouring for more Tickets. There were no more. So 850 and the Coral Springs Theater decided to open up the Balcony section for the first Two Hundred people that showed up without Tickets. I knew I had to get there early of we would be all the way in the back next to some Fire Exit. Never being at the Theater before, I did not know that there really are no bad seats there.

So myself and Laura arrived at about 6:30. The doors open at 6:30. The Show started at 8 pm. But folks, IT WAS PACKED!! Thanks to Rich Stevens, myself a Laura were treated to a very Special Night. We got to meet Freddie Roman. I got pics with Rich and Him. I will post them as soon as I get them. We ended up in the Front VIP Section. Thank you again Rich. And then the Show began.

Rich Stevens up first. He was great. There was no lull. He talked about his memories of the Catskills and growing up in NY. He did a GREAT job. HE brought back some memories of my time in NY. Then he introduced Dick Capri.

Again, there were no quiet moments. Laughter filled the room. From his facial expressions, body language, and ACTUAL material, like only the originals can do, he filled the place with Laughter and Happiness. No four letter words. No Political stuff. No outright insults. Just humor. Straight up, plain and simple, HUMOR. Like with Freddie, who was up next, it must be a years of experience thing.

Then there was Freddie, who by the way, introduced Rich in the beginning of the Show. I can't speak for Rich, but that would have been a GREAT Honour for me, to have someone like the legendary Freddie Roman introduce me. He comes out. Looks around, and just starts talking. Again, it was the whole package. His jokes, body language, everything. It was truly a Magical Night and one filled with Laughter and Happiness.

The folks at 850 WFTL, Humana, and of course the Coral Springs Center for the Performing Arts, should be proud of a job well done. They made a fan of me. I will return there in the future. Oh and of course TooJays Deli for Catering the VIP Lounge. GREAT FOOD. Thank you. Chances are there is a TooJays near you. Rumour has it, well, according to Rich anyway, they have the BEST Chopped Liver in Florida. {Smile}

A night both myself and my Wife will remember for a LONG time. Thank you to all and look forward to the next time. Trust me folks, you get the chance to see Freddie and or Dick, you HAVE to catch the Show. And, uh, Listen to 850 WFTL The Conversation with Rich Stevens and Dave McBride already, will ya. {Smile}

See you Sunday.

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