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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Laws For 2012

Why I do not live in California.

Hey folks,

Well, there are MANY Reasons I do not live in California. But the Biggest is due to it being DESTROYED by Liberalism. Lets see, coming up on Jan 1, 2012, along with all the other insanity and stripped away Freedom, they have some NEW laws to look forward to.

Got a Cold? Do not go to the local Drug Store. You will NOT be able to get NyQuil. Nope. ANYTHING with Dextromethorphan? You better go to the Doctor's Office, or ER, first, and get a Prescription. They tried this before and FAILED, but they are working on it again. Yes, YOU are too stupid and untrusted to NOT turn this into a Drug. {Sigh} So forget going and spending $4 to $6 Bucks, now you have to PAY a DOCTOR or Run up an ER Bill in order to get the same stuff. Which will of course cost MORE.

But that's OK. If you are in California ILLEGALLY, then you will be covered. You see, California will now be prohibiting any State or Local Government from requiring Employers to use the E-Verify Program. That is unless of course it is a condition of receiving Federal Funds. {Laughing} Hey, they are not giving up free money.

California also has their OWN Dream Act. That's RIGHT. It you are there for Three Years? Graduate from a CAL High School? SAY that you want to be a Citizen. You're all set. YOU get FREE Money that those that live there LEGALLY will pay for. Congrats.

Oh, and while you are IN School, forget Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. No, no, no. You are NOW going to be LEGALLY REQUIRED to learn Gay History. Yes folks, California has Passed a LAW Mandating it Brainwas,,,,uh,,,I mean,,TEACHES Gay History. The Law also BANS anything that they can deem "discriminates against those groups." You know, any alternative view other than it's Cool and GREAT to be "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans." But don't you even DARE to whisper "God." It is now Illegal. Or say why a TRADITIONAL Family, Mom and Dad is better and teach the attributes and benefits of having both a MALE and a FEMALE, LOVING Parent in the Household. That may be offensive and deemed to "discriminates against those groups." Therefore that would ALSO become Illegal. {Sigh}

OH, and forget letting your Teen go to a Tanning Salon. That is now Illegal. Since they are too Stupid and YOU are too Stupid to know that this is Bad for them, it is now Illegal. They want a Tan, they can go to the Beach. They don't have to Study. Don't worry about the SATs. California has now accepted "“alternative methods." Both of IDs and the Test itself. Well, they are working on that too. So no worries. You see, as long as you allow the Government to take care of you from Cradle to Grave, THINK the way they want you to Think, Live the way they want you to Live, DO what they tell you to do, they WILL take care of you. No Worries. If you can not pay for it? No worries there either. As long as you are a Good Little Citizen, others will pay for all of it. You just OBEY.

Meanwhile we have a President that wants this for ALL States. That wants Liberalism to sweep the Country. To use California as a Model for the REST of America. You like want you see in California, that is Bankrupt by the way, GREAT, Vote Obama 2012. If not, then Vote Anyone BUT Obama. You want REAL Hope and Change? Time to change Leadership. And it IS, just that simple.

The Washington Times - New laws: No caffeine in beer, shark fins in soup

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