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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fear IS The Factor

Which is the whole point behind Global Warming.

Hey folks,

First, a quick update. Yes I have severe Bronchitis again. Just came from the Doctors Yesterday for a follow up and not getting better. Shot in the Arm, and the Bottom, an Inhaler, and a new set of Meds. If this round, Round two, doesn't knock it out, I may have to see Hospital Help. Thank you for all the Warm Thoughts, well wishes, and Prayers. They really mean a lot. Been my experience that a Hospital is no place to get better, so I'm working hard at showing signs of improvement by Wednesday this Week. Thank you to all my Facebook Friends as well.

I'll tell ya one thing, being sick DOES afford me some time to catch up on Emails, catch up with some of you, Surf and Scan the News, and take some real time to see what is happening in the World. I also have some extra time to catch up on some TV. Not sleeping at night, you find some pretty interesting stuff.

One of the things I watched yesterday was Conspiracy TheoryW/ Jesse Ventura: Global Warming Now you all know Jesse Ventura. Some of you from the old WWF days. Some of you from him being the Governor of Minnesota. Some of you from the ill fated XFL. But you all know him. He is a FRIEND of Al Gore. He was a BELIEVER in Man-Made Global Warming. So for him to take this on was interesting to me. Now it was done back in 2009. Even the more reason to watch it today. All the information we have now? It really helps to put things in prospective. What did he find? It's a SCAM. It's all about Power, Control, and Money. Where have you heard that before?

Fear IS the factor. FEAR is the whole point behind Global Warming. Remember the Psychology of Brain Washing you into thinking "Green"

There's little research on how to lower people's energy use, but early evidence suggests that many people will change if:

• They think others similar to themselves are jumping on the "green" bandwagon.

• They get frequent positive feedback for effort.

• They feel able to make a difference by taking concrete steps.

• They think their children will be harmed by global warming, or children encourage the family to lead a greener life. {AKA Polar Bears}

They are telling you what they are doing.

This is the very definition of Scaryence. Scare Science. "Don't forget, if all else fails, the KIDS. Bring up the kids."
As the Documentary Conspiracy TheoryW/ Jesse Ventura: Global Warming pointed out, since those getting fleeced get nothing from it, convince them they are saving the Planet. But as they pointed out as well, is the same thing I have been telling you for years. It's all about Power, Control, every aspect of your Private Lives, to of course, all that Money.

So now, in 2011, with more and more Scientists, including some of Al Gore's own, coming out and saying that it's a Hoax, A SCAM, and with all the evidence of them cooking the Books, more and more people are just not buying it. But this is not stopping them from using the Fear Factor. From attempting to turn it into a Religion This way they can tell you how Evil you are and how they must protect the Planet From YOU. So this, they feel, gives them cart blanch authority to attack those that are not following their agenda, and rewarding those who are. Hence Obama's de facto Moratorium, delaying the Keystone Pipeline, bankrupting the Coal Industry. ETC.

So a friend of mine sent this in to me. It's by Kevin Moody. Published: Thursday, December 08, 2011, 5:05 AM over at - Fear factors shouldn't direct our nation's energy policies

Pennsylvania is fortunate to be in the center of a challenging debate over energy, with coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear and renewable sources such as wind power all having a “home” here. The Marcellus Shale has put that much more of a spotlight on the state, and its early production rate shows a long-term and huge potential for natural gas from this formation.

While all this activity is happening here, we also should look at the broader concern: that our nation’s energy policy sorely needs to move in a new direction. Reliable, affordable energy supplies are essential to a viable economy. New jobs are created when energy resources are explored and developed. Other benefits accrue to communities. Given the state of the nation, one would think that lawmakers, regulators and leaders in Washington would get it.
The Numbers do not lie. Hundreds of Thousands of new Jobs, Billions in NEW Revenue to States and Federal Government Streams, lower Energy Costs for all.

Instead, in the last three years, the Obama administration has done its best to block the development of new domestic oil and natural gas supplies. It has refused to allow drilling along the East Coast and on other energy-rich federal lands.

Now, to make energy matters worse, the president has delayed until after the 2012 elections a decision on allowing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline between Canada and the U.S., threatening the creation of about 20,000 jobs and preventing the flow of an additional 830,000 barrels of Canadian oil to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast. The delay has prompted Canadian officials to step up efforts to sell oil to other energy-hungry customers, including China.
Which even some on Obama's own side say is COMPLETELY POLITICAL and unnecessary.

Although the president’s anti-oil and natural gas actions might sound fine to his political base prior to 2012, they put the nation’s economic and energy health at risk. By limiting domestic energy production, America will not experience the economic boost, jobs and tax revenues offered by increased domestic oil and natural gas production.

These considerations, however, are not the focus of today’s energy policy debate. They have been supplanted by a campaign of fear of air pollution, fear of water contamination, fear of health effects and other often unsubstantiated worries that have been become part and parcel of the energy conversation
AKA Global Warming. Uh, We're not warming... Uh, Climate Change. Yeah. That's it.

The fears are fed by the scare tactics that have become a staple in political and public interest campaigns. Even the president has used fear as a means to avoid making tough decisions that could improve U.S. energy security. His statement explaining the Keystone pipeline delay cited concerns over “the health and safety of the American people as well as the environment,” even though the $13 billion pipeline project has been studied for three years and cleared by two environmental impact statements.
Yet? Wind Farms? Kill the Damn Birds.

Similarly, anti-drilling groups use fear-mongering as a weapon against hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania. They assert that hydraulic fracturing will poison our drinking water and harm human health. In one recent demonstration, protesters donned cow costumes and claimed that the fracturing process would poison milk supplies at schools.

As long as unfounded and irrational fears overshadow the facts, elected officials will find it difficult to make sound energy policy decisions. They know that misled and frightened voters aren’t going to focus on the benefits of oil and natural gas production, even when it helps their unemployed neighbors find jobs.

According to the state Department of Labor and Industry, an estimated 214,000 Marcellus Shale-related jobs have been created in the commonwealth since 2008. Elected officials seem to find it expedient to throw taxpayer money at so-called green energy companies even if the projects aren’t commercially viable. There’s no doubt that the fears ginned up against traditional fuels paved the way for the administration’s $535 billion investment in Solyndra.

There are times when fear is a positive force. It reminds us to buckle our seat belts, blow out candles to prevent fires and teach our children to look both ways before crossing the street. But it should not be used as the basis for key policy decisions that could frame our economic and energy future.
Just like many other things we have talked about here, Kevin, oh, by the way, Kevin Moody is Vice President and General Counsel for the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association. So another guy that KNOWS what he is talking about. Not some "Government Expert" but someone in the Business, that KNOWS the Business. But just like the many things that we have talked about over the years, FEAR is a powerful tool for those who know how to use it. But Fear is NOT what we need. What we need are REAL Solutions to the REAL Problems that we face. The answer is not hard to understand. It's right in front of our Faces. Fear not, that which is not real.

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