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Sunday, December 18, 2011

IWA For Sunday 121811

Can you explain to me what Christmas means?

Hey folks

Christ - Mass The day we have set aside to Remember Jesus the Christ. Period. To Worship the Birth of Our Lord Jesus THE Christ. Christmas IS a Holy Day. Can someone tell me what the Holiday Christmas is? The Commercialization of Christmas. The Holiday Season is, in essence, the hijacking of the Holy Day Christmas. Jesus turned into Santa. A Tree replaced the Cross. We decided that going out and spending ourselves into debt to spoil those we love during this Season is a GOOD thing.

So? Businesses took advantage of all this. This is why you go into Box Stores and Malls following Thanksgiving, you hear Jiggle Bells and see Christmas Decorations all over the place. It's all about MONEY.

This reminds me of a Conversation I had on the Radio with Rich Stevens of, well, The Conversation with Rich Stevens over at 850 WFTL. He was upset that in the Station, all he saw everywhere he looked was Christmas Decorations. Problem as he sees it, is that like 90 percent of the People who work in the Studio Building are Jewish, and all that they had up was one Menorah in the Lobby. I called in and told him he should feel too bad about it. They just haven't found a way to Commercialize Hanukkah yet. When they do, then he will see Hanukkah stuff all over the place as well. My point was that it really is not a compliment, or promotion of Jesus, it's GREED. At lease most see Hanukkah for what it is still. They leave it alone to those who observe it.

But even with all this, we can not forget that the WHOLE reason for the Season IS Christ. There would be no Holy, aka, Holiday Christmas, if it were NOT for Jesus THE Christ. So for those of us who WILL continue to Celebrate the HOLY Day Christmas, and share with some that may not even understand the REASON for it, the TRUE Meaning, we WILL keep Christ in Christmas.

Herein lays the problem for those of little Minds. They just can't allow others to see things different than them. The Ignorance of these imbeciles and close minded Fools are on full Display, shining as brightly as the White House Christmas Tree, every year, this time of year.

Today's Idiot of the Week is no different. He is Andrew Seidel, of the Freedom from Religion Foundation in Wisconsin. What is his issue in Wisconsin? Uh, nothing. His issue is with a little Town in NJ called Pitman. Now I told you this story, I'm sure some of you had little doubt that this was our Winner this Week. It's not even in his town. Or State even. Here is a reminder who this Idiot is.

Some unnamed residents who live in Pitman and who believe the sign that hangs across Main Street violates the Constitution, contacted the Freedom from Religion Foundation in Wisconsin that promotes separation of church and state. The group’s consultant told Eyewitness News by phone that they've asked the town to remove the sign.
Sorry, in my opinion, this is complete BS. If someone doesn't like the sign that has been there for like 45 years, they THEY should speak up and make themselves known. THEY can explain to the MAJORITY of Residence of Pitman who have no problem with it, what the damage and or harm it is causing them.

We will leave aside the FACT that the CONSTITUTION does NOT prevent ANYONE from ANYWHERE from practicing their FREEDOM OF Religion. That actually includes STATES that CHOSE to allow Religious Symbols from being displayed. The Constitution PREVENTS the FEDERAL Government from interfering in STATES RIGHTS and FREEDOM OF not FROM, Religion. But of course this Idiot probably believes it does contain the Wall of Separation. {Sigh}

“It’s a group endorsing religion over a public right of way,” said Andrew Seidel, the group’s constitutional consultant.
That has no clue what the Constitution actually SAYS.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation says they will look for private property in Pitman now to hang their sign, which reads:

“At this season of the Winter Solstice, may reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds,” said Seidel.
Why not ask one of those "unnamed Residents" permission to post the Sign on THEIR Property. I actually hope that you DO get permission to put up your Religiously Bigoted, Hate filled, Ignorant Sign. It will show people just how ignorant YOU and People LIKE you truly are. I agree with...

Anna Dora Shipley said the sign has been hung every Christmas in the 45 years she’s been here. She doesn’t like the Foundation’s sign but says they have a right to put it up.

“Just don’t take mine down,” said Shipley.
Hey if we are going to be honest, and tell people the TRUTH and share the Reason for the Season, then lets be honest and tell people the TRUTH that there really are Ignorant Little Minded People out there that HATE other People's Freedoms.

Congratulations Andrew Seidel, you are without a doubt, the Idiot of the Week. Just another in the long line of Idiots that THINK they are more Intelligent than anyone else and that others should actually CARE what you think. May I be the first to say to you Sir, well, I doubt I'm the first, SCREW OFF. Oh, and Merry Christmas. {Smile}

CBS Philly - ‘Keep Christ In Christmas’ Sign Stirs Controversy In South Jersey Town
December 13, 2011 5:52 PM By Robin Rieger

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