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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Catskill Comedy Show Video, Hunger Strike

Preview For Sunday 121811

Hey folks,

Welcome to the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog, I AM of course your Provocateur of thought himself, Peter Carlock. Glad you stopped by. Before we get to the Idiot Congressman who is joining in the "Hunger Strike" with the Occupy Morons, I wanted to update some of you that were asking about the Photos of somewhere I attended recently, where Hunger was hardly a thought. That's right, the Catskill Comedy Show with Feddie Roman and Dick Capri.

Hunger was not an issue there thanks to TooJays. The VIP lounge was full of GREAT Food and fellowship. We were all there to laugh and have a GREAT time, and that is exactly what we did. Thank you to Rich Stevens, 850 WFTL, The Coral Springs Center for the Arts, and of course, Feddie Roman and Dick Capri.

I tried to post the Video here, but I'm not happy with the way it came out, so to see it the way it should be, go HERE and you can see a 5 Minute Video of the Event. Can you spot me? It really WAS a Great Night.

So coming right up today? We will be spending some time in Pitman, NJ. It is important to understand that just because you may not be willing to accept Truth or Reality, doesn't mean everyone else needs to cater to you. Make sense? It will soon. Coming right up?

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All that in just a minute. So, Occupy, well, Good Air, stink it up, abuse Women, Drink, Drug, and cause Property Damage, be a Terrorist, or anything ANTI - Establishment, has become the Time's "Person of the Year." Time is a Joke. I'm surprised that anyone still reads it. But, NYT is still there too. As long as you leave out words like Tea Party, YOU are the "Person of the Year" if you go down and camp out somewhere for "Weed and Chicks." If you have a CLEAR Message, want Smaller Government, and Freedom, then you are to be all but ignored, insulted, and called "astroturf."

Besides all that, no one, not even a lot of the Protesters, even know why they are there. Their list of Demands are a Joke, and NO ONE CARES, why they are making Jack Asses of themselves. That is the truth folks. No one cares.

So gone are the days that he could ride the coat tails of "Making History." The First. A Historic Election. No not Obama being the First Black President, gone are those days as well, but being the First Muslim Elected to Congress. Yes, Rep. Keith Ellison IS the First Muslim to Serve in the House. Big Wooptido. So now that he was Elected, like Obama, People want to know, what now? People, contrary to popular opinion, CARE about Policies and Actions. Oh, it does say a lot of where our Country is now, compared to where we came from, by electing Obama, but NOW they want actual Policies and Actions that will HELP the Country. The People of Minnesota now want Rep. Keith Ellison to DO something more than just BE Muslim. He has done NOTHING to help the People of Minnesota. Gone are the days of feeling good for their pick based SOLELY on the Historic Nature of the Election.

So this Idiot wants another 15 minutes? Is he trying to sure up his Base? Does ANYONE actually CARE? According to the The Washington Examiner - Congressman on hunger strike to show solidarity with Occupy By: Aubrey Whelan 12/16/11 11:16 AM.

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., embarked on a 24-hour hunger strike in solidarity with four Occupy DC protesters who have gone without food since Dec. 8 to advocate for D.C. voting rights.
{Laughing} Unless he is actually Camping out, how will anyone know if he actually ate anything? Besides that, in 24 hours he will have Filet Mignon while the Occupy Morons are sleeping in Tents Freezing the Tush off. All for something that NO ONE CARE'S about. If Voting Rights were what this was all about, Cool. At lease it would have more support. But along with Voting Rights, they want Debts Forgiven, Energy Companies Stopped, Free Collage, ETC. Things that will help INCREASE the Damage and hasten the demise of our very Country. In their Declaration, "We believe that human rights are universal. Among these rights are the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the basic right to economic security." So they feel that the only way to INSURE Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness," is through Big Government, Socialistic Control. They believe that it's a RIGHT to have "Economic Security." Which MEANS, no mater what you do, your Financial Needs will be met, even if that means taking from someone else. That is NOT America folks. Work hard, reap the Rewards. NOT Work hard and have your Rewards TAKEN from you and given to someone else who is sitting in their Home watching TV and Drinking Beer all day.

Ellison, the first Muslim to serve in the House, met with the hunger strikers Thursday and pledged to read their declaration – which calls for full voting rights for District residents as well as legislative and budget autonomy – on the floor of the House of Representatives to enter it into the congressional record.

The hunger strikers have been meeting with various lawmakers and their staffers on Capitol Hill this week. Success has been mixed. On Wednesday, strikers staged a sit-in outside House Speaker John Boehner's office for hours, but didn't get a meeting with the Ohio Republican.
So a Congressman, that no one cares about, is meeting with Protesters, that no one cares about, to join them in their quest, that no one cares about. {Sigh} You know though, this is not the sad thing about all this. No. The sad thing about all this is that they, The Protesters, most likely ACTUALLY believe that HE Cares and that ANY of this is going to make a difference.

Anyway, we are FULLY Loaded and ready to go today. Going to fill my cup. Be right back.

The Washington Examiner - Congressman on hunger strike to show solidarity with Occupy

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