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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

'Tis That Time Of Year

UPDATED 120911

Hey folks,

'Tis that time of year again. Holiday Decorations in the Stores. Jiggle Bells and Santa in the Malls. Bronchitis in me. {Smile} Yes folks, I'm sick again. Some of you understand that I am also fighting the Early Stages of COPD. So, I do not get Colds anymore. Seems that whenever I get a germ, it does not pass go, collect $200.00, but goes STRAIGHT to Bronchitis and or Pneumonia.

I am under Doctor care and hope to get back to a normal schedule, whatever that is, soon. After not taking it all that serious, I have gotten worse. My goal WAS to return for the Big Sunday Edition this Weekend. That doesn't seem in the cards. I will return ASAP!! Until then, Please enjoy the VAST archives here at the OPNTalk Blog. Be well. Talk to ya soon.

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