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Friday, December 16, 2011

Can you give me just one minute?

Tis the Season. A perfect way to show unconditional Love.

Hey folks,

We will get to the From the Emails Segment in just a second. First I wanted to talk about this. Back on Monday, December 12, 2011, I posted this. OPNTalk - Do you like Dogs?. I told you about my friend, Rich Stevens, from the Conversation with Rich Stevens and Dave McBride, over at 850 WFTL, and Rich's Pet Project. I posted the Pictures of the 12 Dogs that are desperately seeking a new Home for the Holidays. I encouraged you, whoever you are, to go to and click the Pictures. With each click, you get the name and a little story of the Dog Pictured.

Look, over the years I've had MANY Pets. Cats, Birds, Fish, Ferrets, Frogs, Ginnie Pigs, Hamsters, I even had a Chinchilla. But Dogs are a totally different Animal. Most Pets will come to you, make noise, or do something to let you know they want food. You feed them, if you are lucky, they may let you Pet, handle them, for a sec, then they are off doing whatever they do. But not Dogs. Dogs ARE Unconditional Love.

Dogs do not care how young you are. They do not care how old. They do not care how Fat you are. They do not care what Race, Religion, or Class you belong to. They LOVE YOU. They do not care if they live on Rio Drive or Rio Dive. They do not care what you do for a Living. Most would rather you stay home with them all day. They will lay at your feet, protect your Home, you, and everything you care about. They will even lay down their very own Lives to protect yours. Dogs are truly the best Friend you could ever have.

You know me, I love Animals. I have said more than once, I like Animals more than I like most People. No offense. It's true. They do not Judge, nor care what others think. They just want to be loved and to Love you. These Dogs that Rich is attempting to find homes for are Homeless for the Holidays due to no fault of their own. If you or someone you know are looking for a Dog, won't you please consider checking out this new one minute Video that Rich put together. Can you give me just one minute? Please take a minute this morning, instead of watching someone blow up a Marshmallow in a Microwave on U-Tube or someone jump off a Roof, check out these adorable Dogs that are just looking for a good home for the Holidays. Share it with all your friends on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, or whatever and wherever you go. Just one minute of your time?

Tis the Season. A perfect way to show unconditional Love. Lets help Rich find these beautiful Dogs waiting to show YOU or someone you know, unconditional Love. Seriously folks, if you are thinking about it, why go to a Pet Store and pay more than $500 Dollars for a Dog when you got these Beautiful, Loving, Dogs just sitting there waiting for you to adopt them. The Cost is minimal. Nowhere what you would spend on a Pet from the Pet Store that is not there to provide good Homes for their Pets, but are there to make a profit. These Dogs are ready to go. Won't you please just take a Minute and check them out.

Going to fill my cup, be right back with the Friday "From the Email" Segment. You go watch the Video. Lets get these Dogs adopted for the Holidays. What do you think? I think we can do it.

OPNTalk - Do you like Dogs?

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