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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Everyone is to Blame BUT Obama

So NO ONE cares you can't afford to fill your tank.

Hey folks,

I was going to talk about the new Maine Waivers from Obamacare. But I just can not get past this one. So check it out here. Maine was given a Waver, because they said Obamacare, which is Unconstitutional to begin with and should not be implemented AT ALL, would destabilize the State's market for individual Health Insurance. Which IS the whole point. But, Obama, in direct Violation of the Law, continues his quest for Single Payer.

But what I can't get past is the blame game. You get gas recently? I must today. The lowest I saw yesterday, which of course means little today, was $3.59. Some areas around the country it is already at $4.00. So where are all those Hearings? Where are all those that want Bush and Cheney hung over the Gas Price? As a matter of fact, just yesterday, I had an Anonymous person leave a comment on If Bush Decided? Now I was talking about DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. They said this.

I am more interested why Bush ordered the Justice Dept. to cease all investigations on price fixing on gasoline during his term... effected me allot more than another goose chase on people that can't organize a savings account mereless a voter fraud scheme...
Well? What about Obama? Are you going to be protesting HIM over the Gas Prices? He IS directly to blame for it.

But NO ONE is ever really talking about it. We do NOT have headlines. It is NOT the Starting Topic on the Local News. NO Hearings. No calls for Obama to do something about it. No calls of warning that this will KILL the Economy, and may even Kill Grandma trying to heat her home with her Stove, because she can't afford to pay the Absurd Increased cost in Heating Oil. No protests. No blame where it SHOULD be placed. As a matter of fact, I even hear an "Economist" come out yesterday and say, high Gas prices will NOT harm the Economic Recovery.

Well, OK. Since there really is NO recovery going on right now when you take away all the Phony, and played with numbers, I guess that is technically true. But it IS going to hurt a lot of people, and it will NOT help anyone.

Look. Obama stopped all Drilling. He is playing games to tie up new and even existing Permits. He COSTED Tens of THOUSANDS of American Jobs. He is PREVENTING over 50,000 NEW Jobs. He is BLOCKING Millions in new Revenue. He is BLOCKING lower Gas Prices. He has DECREASED American Security and Financial well being. He IS doing all this ON PUPOSE!

So WHERE is the Media, in their little blurbs, passing to buck to? Moammar Gadhafi. The turmoil in the Middle East. Which is partly true. Then they are posting articles that I NEVER thought I would see. They are telling the TRUTH about the PRICE of Gas. The Washington Post - Gas prices are about more than just oil, Monday, said this.

This can rankle drivers, especially these days. Gas reached a national average of $3.51 a gallon on Monday. That's up 14 cents, or 4 percent, over the past week. The week before, the average rose 20 cents, the steepest increase since September 2008.

A year ago, the price was $2.75. The average is the highest it's ever been this time of year, and analysts expect it to climb higher in the coming weeks
It goes on to say this.

Oil is the biggest factor in gas prices. It accounts for 50 to 70 percent of the cost. Recent upheaval in the Middle East and strong demand for oil around the world have pushed oil prices over $100 a barrel for only the second time in history. But the price of a gallon of gas at the pump rises and, yes, falls - for a number of other reasons.

Oil prices can be moved by geopolitics, the value of the dollar, extreme weather or Chinese demand. Gas prices can be moved by oil prices, refinery problems or even weather that might keep drivers at home.
I would add that the Price ALSO goes up when Supply is low, thanks to Obama halting ALL Drilling, and blocking us from using our own resources. You HAVE to figure in that by this consciousness, deliberate decision, by Obama, not only INCREASES the Price, but also DECREASES our Safety and Security.

So when BUSH and CHENEY was in Office, it was their fault. People STILL believe that. AKA Anonymous. Many Liberals out there are STILL blaming Bush, attempting to link Cheney to Big Oil. Still trying to convince you that there was some big Oil Tycoon behind the Magic Curtain, controlling the $4.00 a gallon. Now? Well, it's many factors, NONE of which is Obama and his Policies. Yes folks, Obama has NOTHING to do with it. It's not his fault. Besides, the high Gas prices literally means nothing. It's all OK. Just tell Grandma to open a window.

OPNTalk - If Bush Decided?
The Washington Post -
Gas prices are about more than just oil

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