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Sunday, March 13, 2011

DLA for Sunday 031311

America IS at Stake

Hey folks,

For the past 6 years or so, I have been pointing out that America itself is at stake here. It is no longer Politics as usual. It's no longer Right vs Left. It's no longer Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice. It's no longer higher taxes vs lower taxes. America ITSELF, the Country you know and love. The Country that was founded on Freedom, and Judeo - Christian values. This Country that stands for the Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness, IS under direct attack. From INSIDE.

Folks, I have warned you about this. I have gone to extreme lengths to explain to you how this can happen here. I have used their own words and actions to point out and PROVE my points. I have given you all VAST amounts of indisputable evidence that the once great Democrat Party has been completely taken over by Socialists, Marxists, and Communists. They have been completely taken over by the most Radical of the Radical Left.

They have been working hard at it for years. Claiming that they are all about the little people, while THEY get Richer. Most Liberals and Liberal Leadership are all muli-Millionaires. They have worked HARD to convince Minorities that they are there for them. Yet history shows it was the Democrats that fought AGAINST Minority Rights the whole time. It is THEM that seem to see everything through the prism of Race. They have USED Environmentalists "Feelings" and causes to further grab Money, Power, and Control over people's everyday lives. They have perverted "Fairness" to take away Rights, Property, and Money. They have USED their perversion to attempt to limit Free Speech. Their completely insane Policies lead to where we are today. A Country on it's knees.

It is LIBERAL Policies that created:

Insurmountable Debt.
Record High Unemployment.
Record High Foreclosures.
A mess in Banking and Credit.
Sky High Energy costs {ON PURPOSE}
MORE Dependency on Foreign Governments.
Less American Security.
DIRECT Federal Interference {unconstitutional} with States
Complete disregard for the Rule of Law.

All this in the last Three years. The evidence is Indisputable. There it is. Right in front of all of us. It has become the NEW Reality. Obama can come out and OUTRIGHT LIE about Oil and Natural Gas all he wants. The FACTS remain the FACTS. The TRUTH is it IS him and his Ilk that is standing in the way of INCREASED American Security, and true Economic Recovery.

The Truth is, it is not that difficult to get us back on track. Basically, the Federal Government needs to get the Hell out of the way, and LET the American People bring America back to the greatness we once enjoyed. STOP blocking Drilling. Stop oppressing those that can and WILL decrease Prices, Create Jobs, and jump start this Economy. They need to get out of the Healthcare Business. They need to get out of the Banking Industry. They need to let go of this ridiculous "Green Dream." There is NO MAN MADE Global Warming Threat looming over all of our heads. They need to cut spending on redundant and useless programs. They need to lower taxes and cut oppressive Regulations.

Some all across this Country, from local to State levels, the People Voted in people that are willing to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. From Mayors, to Governors, to State Legislators, all the way up to the United States House of Representatives. Some get it. More important than simply getting it, they are DOING something about it. Even at the direct rebuke of the Liberals in Leadership and the President of the United States.

Our winner of the display of Logic Award this week is one such person. According to The Hill - DeMint: America 'on its knees' because of debt, oil dependence By Josiah Ryan - 03/08/11 04:15 PM ET

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C) said U.S. dependence on foreign credit and oil has brought the country to its knees.

"Today America is literally on its knees to China and other countries for the credit we need to run our economy," DeMint said in a floor speech Tuesday afternoon. "We are also on our knees to the Middle East, which is very unstable right now, for the oil we need to run our economy, to even take our food to market, the essentials here at home."
Like it or not, there is no switch. The World RUNS on OIL. From the Gas you put in your tank, to the bottle that holds that water you are drinking. To Makeup Women use, to Auto Parts, to Food Product Containers. Petroleum is in EVERYTHING. Even the source to run Solar Generators, Hybrid Autos, to Wind Turbines, Oil is needed. Gas is Needed. Or you could always peddle that bike, uh, made of Petroleum Products.

For telling the Truth, and the boldness to say it, Congratulations Senator Jim DeMint, you are the winner of the DLA for this Sunday 031311. Now that you had the boldness to stand and speak it, now please, Sir, PLEASE get to work on doing something about it. The American People are on your side.

The Hill - DeMint: America 'on its knees' because of debt, oil dependence

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