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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Hillary, and Many Others Are Tired Of Obama

The World will love us?

Hey folks,

Thanks to Obama and his indecision, his reckless and seemingly careless attitude, towards, well, everything, the World doesn't love us more. They do not fear us. They are actually confused about us.

It really is simple folks. It is so bad that even Hillary wants out. When prodded several times about her future with Obama, she gave the same one word answer over and over again. No.

No to continuing her role she has now. No to VP. No to anything to do with Obama. She is said to be tired, and worn out. She is said to be in complete disagreement with Obama on nearly everything on the World stage.

One of her latest missions, go to Paris, meet with the G8 Foreign Ministers, and assure them of our commitment on Libya. What happened? She did what she was told, as Obama goes off on another Vacation, and the World was left confused. Not reassured. But confused. According to FP - European governments “completely puzzled” about U.S. position on Libya Posted By Josh Rogin
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's meetings in Paris with the G8 foreign ministers on Monday left her European interlocutors with more questions than answers about the Obama administration's stance on intervention in Libya.

Inside the foreign ministers' meeting, a loud and contentious debate erupted about whether to move forward with stronger action to halt Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi's campaign against the Libyan rebels and the violence being perpetrated against civilians. Britain and France argued for immediate action while Germany and Russia opposed such a move, according to two European diplomats who were briefed on the meeting.

Clinton stayed out of the fray, repeating the administration's position that all options are on the table but not specifically endorsing any particular step. She also did not voice support for stronger action in the near term, such as a no-fly zone or military aid to the rebels, both diplomats said.

"The way the U.S. acted was to let the Germans and the Russians block everything, which announced for us an alignment with the Germans as far as we are concerned," one of the diplomats told The Cable.
In other words, she did what Obama told her to do. Talk but say nothing. Do not actually take a firm position. Let others lead.
Clinton's unwillingness to commit the United States to a specific position led many in the room to wonder exactly where the administration stood on the situation in Libya.

"Frankly we are just completely puzzled," the diplomat said. "We are wondering if this is a priority for the United States."
As Obama goes on another Vacation with the Family. I wonder why they are puzzled.
On the same day, Clinton had a short meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in which Sarkozy pressed Clinton to come out more forcefully in favor of action in Libya. She declined Sarkozy's request, according to a government source familiar with the meeting.

Sarkozy told Clinton that "we need action now" and she responded to him, "there are difficulties," the source said, explaining that Clinton was referring to China and Russia's opposition to intervention at the United Nations. Sarkozy replied that the United States should at least try to overcome the difficulties by leading a strong push at the U.N., but Clinton simply repeated, "There are difficulties."
Yeah. The difficulties ARE Obama. He is the problem. That's what she was saying without saying it folks. The difficulties ARE Obama.
One diplomat, who supports stronger action in Libya, contended that the United States' lack of clarity on this issue is only strengthening those who oppose action.

"The risk we run is to look weak because we've asked him to leave and we aren't taking any action to support our rhetoric and that has consequences on the ground and in the region," said the European diplomat.

British and French frustration with the lack of international will to intervene in Libya is growing. British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday that Arab sentiment was, "if you don't show your support for the Libyan people and for democracy at this time, you are saying you will intervene only when it's about your security, but you won't help when it's about our democracy."

France sent letters on Wednesday to all the members of the U.N. Security Council, which is discussing a Lebanon-sponsored resolution to implement a no-fly zone, calling on them to support the resolution, as has been requested by the Arab League.

"Together, we can save the martyred people of Libya. It is now a matter of days, if not hours. The worst would be that the appeal of the League of the Arab States and the Security Council decisions be overruled by the force of arms," the letter stated.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe wrote on his blog, "It is not enough to proclaim, as did almost all of the major democracies that ‘Qaddafi must go.' We must give ourselves the means to effectively assist those who took up arms against his dictatorship."

In an interview with the BBC on Wednesday in Cairo, Clinton pointed to the U.N. Security Council as the proper venue for any decision to be made and she pushed back at the contention by the British and the French that the U.S. was dragging its feet.

"I don't think that is fair. I think, based on my conversations in Paris with the G-8 ministers, which, of course, included those two countries, I think we all agree that given the Arab League statement, it was time to move to the Security Council to see what was possible," Clinton said. "I don't want to prejudge it because countries are still very concerned about it. And I know how anxious the British and the French and the Lebanese are, and they have taken a big step in presenting something. But we want to get something that will do what needs to be done and can be passed."

"It won't do us any good to consult, negotiate, and then have something vetoed or not have enough votes to pass it," Clinton added.

Clinton met with Libyan opposition leader Mahmoud Jibril in Paris as well, but declined to make any promises on specific actions to support the Libyan opposition.
We feel ya. We are with ya. But, uh, well, good luck.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry (D-MA) also doubled down on his call for a no-fly zone over Libya in a speech on Wednesday at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

"The international community cannot simply watch from the sidelines as this quest for democracy is met with violence," he said. "The Arab League's call for a U.N. no-fly zone over Libya is an unprecedented signal that the old rules of impunity for autocratic leaders no longer stand... The world needs to respond immediately to avert a humanitarian disaster."

And Clinton's former top aide Anne-Marie Slaughter accused the Obama administration of prioritizing oil over the human rights of the people of Libya.

"U.S. is defining ‘vital strategic interest' in terms of oil and geography, not universal values. Wrong call that will come back to haunt us," she wrote on Wednesday on her Twitter page.
Thank you Obama. Obama plays King, as the World becomes more and more dangerous. Obama plays King, as the World Burns. We actually had the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney come out and say THIS.
“We are leaving on schedule on Friday. It bears repeating that this is a crisis – there is no question about it. And it is a crisis in Japan. It is not a crisis in the United States.”
So yeah, Obama is still going on Vacation. It's their problem. Not ours. He is too busy to worry about it. Too busy to deal with Libya, the Energy Situation, Housing, Jobs, and the Economy. He is too busy traveling the World, to places where nothing is happening, to deal with anything else. What about Iran? How did Little Hitler get bumped off the Radar? Seriously. Let him get his Bomb, and wipe out Israel. Then maybe we might think about it. Right? And they wonder WHY the World is puzzled and are starting to think, perhaps, we just no longer care?

FP - European governments “completely puzzled” about U.S. position on Libya
Narcissist Of The Day


Steven said...

Me and you haven't agreed on our opinions about Obama, but I have switched to your side, this coalition attack on Libya is a final straw in his many poor decisions, our leader is willingly taking us to rock bottom and basically telling us there's nothing we can do about it cause he feels the need to let his power fill his head. The president, his cabinet and congress are intentionally kicking hornets nests throughout the world, while whitewashing it with Charlie Sheen stories and other meaningless distractions. Me and you are honest hardworking true Americans and we don't deserve to be punished by the actions of wealthy bankers and biased lobbyists. We need some real help to take our side for once, we need change that doesn't end when a campaign is over.

Peter said...

Hey Steven,

Welcome to the OPNTalk Blog. Glad you stopped by. You are not alone. There are MANY people that were all for Obama, who are now seeing him for what he IS, and they DON'T like it.

I've talked about this before. The Obama that ran for President was a Dream. He wasn't real. He was CREATED by the Media. The turned him into some kind of Superstar. A Messiah. Then couple that with the "First Black President" thing, people jumped on board with exhilaration, and anticipation, of the Dream becoming Reality. But who people are seeing NOW IS Reality.

Obama doesn't care about anything BUT, Obama and Transforming this Country into the New USSA with Him as King. Sorry. That's just the Truth. HIS words, "White Man's Greed." He doesn't like the Constitution "Too Restrictive" "Remake the very foundation of this country." "Spread the Wealth." "We will no longer lead in the World." HE SAID THESE THINGS. Now some are surprised? He is who he has told us he is the whole time?

As for this?

The president, his cabinet and congress are intentionally kicking hornets nests throughout the world, while whitewashing it with Charlie Sheen stories and other meaningless distractions. Me and you are honest hardworking true Americans and we don't deserve to be punished by the actions of wealthy bankers and biased lobbyists. We need some real help to take our side for once, we need change that doesn't end when a campaign is over.

AMEN Brother. Amen! And Welcome aboard. {Smile}