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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Professionally Trained Phoniness Of Liberals

Nothing about them is REAL, Truthful, or Heart felt.

Hey folks,

This is WAY TOO FUNNY! Seriously {Laughing} I can't believe what I just read. Happy Thursday to ya. {Laughing} I really can't believe what I just read. Well, I CAN. But the fact that they A, WROTE IT, and B, it was Published. I KNOW that it's true. But to admit it? Of course they have LONG stopped trying to hide who they are. Now they are actually showing us how they operate.

Truth is, NOTHING about these people is real. Nothing about these people is Truthful. There are no FIRM and concrete founding beliefs. There is NOTHING. They are trained from an early age to just accept whatever they are told, FEEL good about what they are told, and THAT will make them smart, caring, and loved.

They, some, do not understand WHY people are dropping Papers, leaving Liberal News Networks, and Independents are FLOCKING to the Right in droves? Why are people joining Talk Radio, the Internet, and Fox News? Because CONSERVATISM is REAL. Conservatives are never wavering, always constant, and able to explain WHY. We can back what we say with FACTS and TRUTH. WE win every time when we debate these people on the merits of WHATEVER the topic is.

For years, until Bush 43, the Liberals attempted to hide who they are. After Bush 43? They came out of the closet. They no longer attempt to hide themselves. They believed that due to Bush, and then Iraq, that there were enough people in this Country that HATE Bush, HATE War, and WANT a new Socialistic type change for this Country. Problem is, they were WRONG.

This Country IS Conservative. Most in this Country LOVE this Country, love God, do not WANT this Country to be changed into the new USSA. Another thing they were wrong about, even after YEARS of the Public School System, there really are not enough Stupid People in this Country, willing to blindly accept whatever they are told and just go with it.

So now that they are out of the Closet, there is no going back. Now they have to get people to believe that THEY are the smartest people in the room. Smart, sophisticated, right on whatever they think or say. They want people to believe that anyone that disagrees with them, are stupid, Religious Hicks, and Neanderthal. But it is THEY, that look like fools anytime they go up against a REAL Conservative. So they need to be TRAINED. {Laughing} They need to be trained how to deal with those dumb Hicks.

I'm going to stop talking now. Just read this. See you tomorrow for From the Emails Friday.

Washington Post - Media Matters boot camp readies liberal policy wonks for the camera’s close-up By Jason Horowitz, Tuesday, March 22, 8:15 PM

“I’m here to be intensely trained,” Lee Brenner announced as he came through the door of a discreet building near Dupont Circle.

The brick carriage house is usually the headquarters of the Mathematical Association of America, but for a few days in the middle of March, the left-wing organization Media Matters for America converted it into a partisan boot camp where rebel forces were trained for combat on Fox News. Over four grueling days, Harvard-honed instructors drilled a dozen softie policy wonks, molding them into an elite unit of smiling, succinct and well-coiffed talking heads.

Since its inception in August 2009, the Progressive Talent Initiative, or PTI, has trained nearly 100 pundits who have appeared 800 times on television and radio. Media Matters uses that metric to pitch donors for more contributions, but its leadership believes that the surge of camera-ready liberals has recaptured lost ground in the media wars against conservatives.

“There was a chronic imbalance,” said David Brock, the founder of Media Matters, which picks up the entire cost of the course. “We didn’t just want to accept that this is the way it is.” Brock is a former conservative writer at the American Spectator who was instrumental in efforts to discredit Anita Hill and to oust Bill Clinton, and who made a sharp left turn a decade ago.

The primary mission of Media Matters, he said, is to obsessively monitor Fox News and call attention to its distortions. But now it’s moving into the operational phase, transforming from observers to shock troops. The organization, he said, had to “professionalize the training and booking” of a left-leaning counterpoise.

Media Matters selected the coterie of attractive, articulate participants from 100 applicants, the largest pool so far. All in mid-career, the class included liberal think tank directors, former Capitol Hill staffers and presidential campaign aides, a pollster, a university professor, a combat veteran and contestants from both “American Idol” and “The Apprentice.”

Brenner, a former producer of CNN’s “Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer” and political director at MySpace, had recently founded a digital communications firm called FastFWD Group and an online magazine called

To observe the training, The Post agreed to withhold the names of participants who asked not to be identified, which many of them did when instructors warned that a public alliance with Media Matters could jeopardize their chances of getting booked on Fox. Since Brenner said he had already criticized Fox on the record, he for one was willing to risk alienating “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren.”

Camera practice

On Wednesday morning, Brenner, who has black coiled hair, a pleasant demeanor and a taste for the blazer-and-jeans look, climbed the stairs to perform his “baseline video” hit with instructor John Neffinger.

Neffinger, 39, is one of the three partners in KNP Communications, a D.C.-based firm that Media Matters contracts to conduct the training. An attorney with a boyish, Tom Cruise charm (equal parts “The Firm” and “Magnolia”), Neffinger had a promising career teaching public speaking to executives, including those who “sold cigarettes to kids,” he said. He abandoned all that for the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard.

There, he met Matthew Kohut, 45, a reserved former jazz bassist working as a speechwriter for the renowned professor Joseph Nye. Kohut, the son of a famous pollster, introduced Neffinger to his pal, Seth Pendleton, 47, who earned a master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. (In 1994, Pendleton appeared as a stand-in on the Albert Einstein-themed romance “I.Q.” during a scene crawling with rhesus monkeys.)

After John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, the three Democrats decided to use their gifts for communication to rescue their ailing party.

“I’m not going to play gotcha with you,” Neffinger said to Brenner as he directed him to a seat in front of a video camera. “What’s your issue area?”

Brenner explained that his firm dealt with new-media journalism.

“Joining us now to talk new media is Democratic strategist Lee Brenner,” Neffinger boomed in character.

“Thanks for having me,” Brenner said. And suddenly, the interview didn’t go so well. The corners of Brenner’s mouth tended to twitch on the way to a smile. But Neffinger accentuated the positive, especially the sign-off, when Brenner looked most at ease. “As we like to say,” he said, “you stuck the landing.”

Brenner joined the other participants in a wood-paneled room on the carriage house’s ground floor. A camcorder stood on a tripod in the middle of desks arranged in a horseshoe formation. Black and white boards hung on the walls. Brock, with graying hair and blue tie, offered some words of wisdom to the class. Their conservative antagonists had all gone through rigorous media training at the Leadership Institute, he warned, but now they, too, would be armed with the ammunition to compete.

Pendleton took the floor.

“You are going to be challenged. You are going to be exhausted. You are going to be frustrated,” he said, before surveying the group about how they felt when they went on television.

“I tend to get dry, so I need to hydrate,” Brenner said to the class. “Hydrate. Pee. Call my mom.”

‘Liberal’ associations

The problem for the soldiers of the left, according to Media Matters instructors, is that they are just too smart for their own good. The traditional dependence on facts and figures, on being right, is no longer germane. Too often these wonks disappear into the policy weeds or fall through the cracks of nuance.
Washington Post - Media Matters boot camp readies liberal policy wonks for the camera’s close-up

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