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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Alternative Energy Still Needs Assistance

People like Thomas Friedman, and Obama LIKE you paying $4.00 plus a gallon.

Hey folks,

I know, I know, that sounds absurd. Right? But it's not. Obama said under his Cap and Tax Plan, Energy Costs would "Necessarily Skyrocket." He said he LIKED the $4.00 a gallon price the last time we got here. He said he would have preferred a more gradual increase, but he likes it. People like Thomas Friedman, agree.

So who is that? Well, he is a Lib Golden Boy. He is so loved by the Left, and they think him so smart, that he won the Pulitzer Prize THREE times. 1983, 1988, and 2002. He now even sits on the Pulitzer Prize Board. So someone asked him what he thought of using Oil from the Strategic Reserve, which IS a bad idea, but to use it in order to bring down the price of Gas. He said this.
"That would rank in my top-five worst ideas of 2011 so far. I think that there's one thing we should finally be doing is using this opportunity to have a credible energy policy that begins to reduce our addiction to oil. Gasoline's almost $4 a gallon. We know that's a red line where people really start to change their behavior. At a minimum, I'd be talking about a tax that basically says, "We're gonna keep it at $4 a gallon."
We are going to KEEP it at $4.00 a gallon. So we can Dream Green. Idiot. Just like Obama, and the rest of the Environuts out there. "Kill Oil, Go Green." "Make it so no one can afford it." "Bankrupt the Industry." "That will FORCE people to go Green." But there is NOTHING TO SWITCH TO!

Now just this past Sunday, I posted this on the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog.First Ever US Hybrid Solar Energy Center I said this.
This SOUNDS like good news. I'm excited about it. I really am. I will be watching this one closely. Lets see what happens long term. Can we build on this? What can this accomplish in the future? ETC. This is actually right up the Street from me. FPL Unveils World's First Hybrid Solar Energy Center
I then said this.
OK. I know it sounds like I'm throwing a bunch of cold water on this. I'm really not. I'm going to forget the FACTS about this, and go with feelings. I hope it works in the long term. Start small. A Town. In this case, Solar, and 11000 Homes. If in the long run this works out, then go Bigger. Say a City. Businesses included. If this goes well, and all the bugs get out, then go Bigger, say Statewide.

However, my Brain tells me that even though this may work in Florida, it will not in Washington. They do not have enough Sunshine there. So they will have to come up with something else. So Solar will NEVER be Universal. What works here, may not work elsewhere. FPL spent $688 Million the these three Projects. like I said, for this one, a cost of about $30,900 a home. Where is that money coming from? Of whom are they going to pass the cost onto? What will Seattle do? Will it work? We should know in about 5 years. So what are we going to do in the meantime? What about the other around 18,526,969?
So we are trying to go Green. But we are YEARS away. Then I saw this yesterday at - Home / Business The Green Blog A way to help wind energy March 7, 2011
You can build your own backyard turbine. Or you could, more easily, buy green power.

Utilities sometimes offer customers the opportunity to purchase renewable energy, almost always at a higher cost, reflecting the reality that clean energy still costs more than traditional forms such as coal or natural gas.

But the New England Wind Fund is offering those who care about the environment a way to help build wind farms — at rates cheaper than utilities.

Here is how it works: Customers donate money — usually to offset electricity use one time or monthly, or for a special event such as a wedding — to the New England Wind Fund. The fund uses the money to buy renewable energy certificates from new small-scale wind farms in New England, preferably in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

The money helps wind farms get built because it guarantees that developers have buyers for their power. New England Wind Fund will then retire the renewable energy credits, promising not to sell them again.

The wind fund, which started in 2006, originally promised supporters that at least 1,000 megawatt hours of green power would be put onto the New England power grid for every $50 they contributed. But now Mass Energy is offering at least 1,000 kilowatt hours of wind for every $40 (4 cents per kilowatt hour) contributed.

The fund has contracts for renewable energy credits from the town of Portsmouth, R.I. (at the high school since 2009); Princeton Municipal Light Department (two turbines running since 2009); and Scituate Wind LLC, a private project in partnership with the town of Scituate that is expected to start producing energy later this year or next.
OK so, they have come up with a scheme to fund it. Why? No one either wants it, or can afford it. So just like Carbon Credits, where companies need not change a thing to protect the Environment, just pay someone to SAY they are "Carbon Neutral," they have come up with a way to Donate to Wind Power. Some of these have been around since 2006, yet they are not due to start producing anything until the end of this year, and or next.

Then the Author of this piece, talks about Carbon Offsets. She writes this.
Cash boost to clean power

The vast amount of money raised by the nation’s first mandatory carbon cap-and-trade system is going back into clean energy, a new report by the program shows.

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative began 2 1/2 years ago to reduce heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 10 percent by 2018 in 10 Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic States — including all of New England.

Power plants buy emission allowances based on the tons of carbon dioxide they emit, so plants that emit larger amounts must buy more allowances.

The allowances are auctioned off by states and can be traded.

The number of available allowances will decrease as the overall cap is lowered, raising their price and, many hope, encouraging plants to invest in clean technologies to avoid the higher cost of polluting.

The report found that the 10 states are investing 52 percent of a total $789.2 million raised so far by the auction into energy efficiency, 11 percent into renewable energy, 14 percent in energy bill payment assistance, and 1 percent for other greenhouse gas reduction programs.

“All of the Massachusetts revenue has gone into clean energy,’’ said Phil Giudice, undersecretary for energy at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and a vice chairman of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Inc. board of directors.

Massachusetts has raised $123.2 million from the auctions.

Giudice said some of the money goes into grants for communities to invest in clean energy, furthering amplifying its benefits.

“RGGI has been a great success story for . . . reinvesting in a clean energy future,’’ said Giudice. “We can have a thriving economy and much better energy future.’’

Beth Daley
So again, even with all this money raised, by the SCAM of Carbon Credits, no one is actually getting GREEN ENERGY. Companies are charged X amount of dollars. They do not change anything but the PRICE of their services. They just pass this increase along to their Customers. They need not change anything. So although people are raising and passing along $123.2 million, no one is actually seeing any benefit from it. Except the money.

So when I said I was happy about the FPL, first ever, US Hybrid Solar Energy Center, yet I wanted to wait to see what happens in the long run, this is the type of thing I was talking about. These Wind Farms and Concepts have been around for a LONG time, yet, to this day, they have produced NOTHING more that a Money Scheme. No real Green Energy to speak of.

Look folks, People like Friedman, Obama, and the Liberals in Congress, DO NOT CARE WHAT THE PRICE OF GAS IS. The People in Congress, and Obama, they do not even pay for their own Gas. YOU do. But even if they did, they are Millionaires. They couldn't care less that it may cost them $100.00 to fill their vehicles. What's $100.00 when you have Millions? So it's REALLY easy for them to say, hey, maybe the $5.00 a gallon Gas is good. It's speed up the process of going Green.

Meanwhile, people on fixed incomes, the Retired, Unemployed, and the Poor, have to decide what to give up, just to buy gas to go to work, heat their homes, power their homes. Those that work, go where they work all day, and get paid $8 to $9 bucks an hour. $50 bucks to put 10 gallons of gas in your car, twice a week, IS a problem, when you only MAKE $400, to $500, a week. REAL People can not afford to Dream Green for the Next 10 years, while waiting for the Dream to produce something. THAT is Reality.

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