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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alternative Energy Farce Part Two

Solar, Wind, Ethanol

Hey folks.

We're back.

OK. So we just got done talking about Solar and Wind. Remember also, when done Drilling, the Platforms go away and there is no real evidence that they were even there. Windmills? Well, they are just left in place. Cost too much to remove them. Just a bit of a side not there.

So what about Ethanol? As we have already discussed in the past:

Not tested.
Not Cheaper.
Causing Food Riots.
And some want to INCREASE the usage.

So is it a great Alternative? I just got this last week in the Emails.

Hello Peter!

Kate here, and we've created an interesting infographic that I think you might enjoy. With today's ever increasing gas prices, it's a wonder why we don't push harder for alternative sources of fuel. But at the same time, these alternative sources aren't as amazing as you would think. We've highlighted the pros and cons regarding corn ethanol, and presented information about just how effective an energy source it really is.
Now this was put together by Timothy Hurst over at Ecopolitology. Although this guy IS a Environmentalist, I would not call him an Environut. He is a guy that is concerned about the Environment and takes the time to really study things like this. Here is the Chart of the Pros and Cons of Ethanol.

Cornfields vs. Oilfields

So what is more important to you? Food, or taking even more land away to grow "energy." Now I appreciate that there may be some positives. Just like there are positives with Solar and Wind, IN THEORY. But the problem is, bringing the THEORY into Reality. To wake up from the "Green Dream" and realize that this is DECADES out in the future, and we have $4.00 a gallon Gas Prices NOW. And going up as we speak. There is no magic switch to switch to. There are no Alternatives on a mass and affordable scale.

As I keep saying folks, lets do it. Lets keep taking these baby steps toward a "Greener" future. But in the meantime, lets use what we have, and get more of it. Lets USE OUR OWN RESOURCES. Lets increase supply, American Security, and lets lower prices. The answer is right here, in front of our faces.

OPNTalk - First Ever US Hybrid Solar Energy Center
Human Events Online -
Painful Lessons for Wind Power
Ecopolitology - Cornfields vs. Oilfields (Infographic)

1 comment:

Peter said...

Those are some great graphics, but the only thing Monsanto corn is good for is feeding hormone- and antibiotic-infested cattle. Yummy. Might as well burn it.