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Friday, February 25, 2011

If Bush Decided?

From the Emails 022511

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to ya. I get it. I think EVERYONE gets it. The Liberals just will not admit it. Nor will the Obama run, State Run, Media. Although they do not want to admit it, doesn't mean it's not true.

"Peter, Imagine if you will, Bush decided that Roe Vs Wade was unconstitutional, and told States, 'go ahead and outlaw it. We will not defend it. I do not like it, so that's that.' Do you think they would be praising him, or calling for his impeachment?"
You KNOW what they would do. It would be front page news. It would be on EVERY Network. They would be calling for his head. They still would. No matter WHO the President is if they are the least bit Conservative or attempting to do ANYTHING that limits the far Left's agendas. Rush did a GREAT bit about this yesterday. "Imagine"

What PC, no not me, is talking about here, is this piece from the American Spectator - It's Not Its Business. It's talking about how Obama, knowing he is losing the Unions, the revenue, losing Obamacare, the Medical Field and Insurance Companies Votes, and some Minority Votes due to States doing the Federal Government's Job, Illegal Immigration Enforcement, "Hello Gay people. Remember me? I made all these promises to you. Well, I've decided that the Defense of Marriage Act is Unconstitutional and I have ordered my Justice Department to stop defending it." The problem is, he CAN'T do that. No President has the authority to declare a Law Unconstitutional and ORDER the Justice Department to stop enforcing it. The Legislators have to Legislate. Congress has to change it. Not the president.

Like I said, Rush did a GREAT bit yesterday. "Imagine."

So let's step back. Imagine, for the fun of it, Sarah Palin is elected president. I pick Palin only 'cause they hate her the most (and I'm not running). Imagine that Sarah Palin appoints scores of czars who are not confirmed by the Senate. These czars run the government out of the White House; they bypass the cabinet structure. Imagine that President Palin appoints as attorney general a politically partisan conservative. Imagine that attorney general takes orders from Palin on active cases, and she orders that attorney general to stop defending lawsuits against aspects of Roe v. Wade, to stop defending lawsuits against Obamacare, to stop defending lawsuits against the EPA's greenhouse gas regulations.

Imagine if President Palin directs her attorney general to sue California to enforce border security and to stop granting taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens, in violation of the supremacy clause. Imagine if President Palin did all this. Imagine President Palin ordering the Republican National Committee to work with businesses, managers and executives that contributed tens of millions of dollars to her campaign to defeat her political opponents (especially Big Labor) in places like New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California; intervening in the affairs of states. Obama's doing this. Imagine if President Palin did it. She gets hold of the guy that runs the RNC, says, "I want you to have meetings with businesspeople that contribute a lot of money to my campaign."

Imagine President Palin decides that she will not comply with federal court rulings that she disagrees with, as in Florida and Louisiana. Imagine, if you will, President Palin meeting weekly with CEOs of the oil industry, of the insurance industry, and of the health care industry in order to help them profit and prosper. Imagine if President Palin meets with these groups to try to repair the damage done by the previous president, Barack Obama. Imagine a State of the Union in a House of Representatives chamber: President Palin attacking the sitting justices of the US Supreme Court, humiliating them for a ruling in a case in a manner that she disagrees with.

Imagine President Palin hiring a fashion person and putting her on the public payroll and telling everybody what to eat while she and Todd eat whatever they want on trips to places like Vail, while her husband is eating hamburgers and fries and ice cream. Imagine President Palin sending her kids to the most expensive private school in Washington, while at the same time killing a school choice program for poor minorities in the inner city of Washington -- and, folks, I could go on and on and on. It explains everything, this sickening spectacle that is the left. Whether they pretend to be journalists, whether they are politicians, this is a dangerous force in this nation. We have to continue to expose them. That's all we can do.

That is what we will do.

Regardless of how you see the Defense of Marriage Act, regardless of what you think about Gay Marriage in general, Bill Clinton signed the DOMA into Law. It IS the Law of the Land. It MUST be defended in court, until such time as the Courts decide it Unconstitutional, or Congress changes it. All this is, is pandering for the Gay Vote. We all know this. Even Gay people know this. I know that they are not stupid enough to actually BELIEVE him.

As for him ignoring the Law? Well, he does THAT all the time. He SAID he doesn't like the Constitution, so he is just ignoring it. He is SUING States that do not agree with him. He is IGNORING a FERAL JUDGE that ruled Obamacare is not Constitutional. They continue to attempt to implement it. Now he comes out and says, "I no longer agree with the DOMA. So we just will not defend it anymore. Do whatever you want." Just like when he ordered the Justice Department NOT to investigate cases where the Defendants are Black. Remember that? Voter Fraud, that's right. So this is no surprise. He needs the Votes. And uh, he wouldn't mind some money being thrown his way either. {Smile}

American Spectator - It's Not Its Business.
The Rush Limbaugh Show -
Imagine President Palin Doing This

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Anonymous said...

you had me until the voter fraud comments at the end... Puts a dark stain on an otherwise good story. Everyone knows those charges were issued just because they were black and are a link in a long history of voter intimidation initiated by those the poor do not vote for.
And don't use quotes when you are misconstruing a story and making up a supposed comment.

Focus on Justice orders?... I am more interested why Bush ordered the Justice Dept. to cease all investigations on price fixing on gasoline during his term... effected me allot more than another goose chase on people that can't organize a savings account mereless a voter fraud scheme... give me a break.

Peter said...

Hey Anonymous,

Welcome or Welcome back. If the Quotes are Italic, although I think it's pretty clear, it's parody, or what someone said that is NOT part of the Article. Bold and quotation is Direct Quotes.

As far as the Price Fixing? Nothing was found. That's why it was order to cease. Now I'm not saying if I believe it or not, but that is the FACT. I do have a question for ya though.

Are you going to be protesting Obama? Are you going to be passing Blame to HIM when Gas gets to $5.00 a gallon? He has said he likes high gas prices. He SAID your Energy costs would "Necessarily Skyrocket" He DID stop ALL drilling. He IS playing games to stall new and existing Permits. So do you blame him for anything? He IS directly effecting the cost and American Security. Or do you believe the State Paid Economists that came out yesterday to tell us, "Don't worry, the High Gas Prices mean nothing and will not effect the Recovering Economy?"