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Friday, March 04, 2011

Wisconsin 14 Outlaws?

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"Peter, do you agree with this? I do not. I think they are doing whatever they can to stand up for what they believe. Why is that so wrong?"

TMJ 4 / NBC Milwaukee - Capitol Chaos: Senate Signs Contempt Order

(AP) -- The Republican leader of the Wisconsin Senate has signed orders finding 14 AWOL Democrats in contempt. The orders signed Thursday allow the sergeant at arms to detain the missing senators and use police force if necessary.

The Democrats say they are all in Illinois and won't return.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says the orders are only binding in Wisconsin.

The Senate passed a resolution calling for the action earlier Thursday but gave Democrats until 4 p.m. to return. None of them did, which led Fitzgerald to sign 14 orders of detainment in dramatic fashion in the center of the Senate chamber.

State patrol officers watched silently from the gallery as Fitzgerald signed the orders executing the order. The Democrats left in protest over an anti-union bill.
Do I agree with this? Uh, YES! They walked off their Jobs. They are being PAID to do a Job, and they refused to do it. They showed, and continue to show the VOTERS, that they will not go against their Checkbooks. They are standing up for those that have given them a lot of money. Forget YOU. The Voter.

Look. If you are an Elected Official, Federal or State, or even Local, you have a Job to do. If something comes up, that you do not agree with, you Vote NO. If you lose, as the Republicans did with Obamacare, you lose. But you DO YOUR JOB. Elections have consequences. The PEOPLE {More than the 12 percent Nation wide represented by Unions} Voted Walker in. They Voted FOR True Change. They are getting it. But when Walker turned the light on the relationship, the TRUE relationship that the Left enjoy with the Unions, they ran away and hid like Cockroaches.

It really is simple. Come back, do your Jobs, no problem. If not? Too bad for you.


Atlanta Roofing said...

That the Teabaggers and their ilk are beginning to overstep themselves by believing that they are anything but a small minority. Their tactics expose their agenda and their lack of devotion to the Constitutional process. And think this will lead to a self inflicted disaster for them, but it is by no means a sure thing. Hitler parlayed a vote of 34% and the backing of corporate interests into becoming a dictator. Anyone who thinks Walker, Palin, Gingrich and the lot wouldn’t be emulative of Hitler is naive.

Peter said...

Hey AR,

Welcome to the OPNTalk Blog. No, YOUR comment is completely naive.
A bit sheepish as well.

The Tea Party seeks Government restrictions. Smaller less intrusive. They seek to stop Government Spending. They want people in Government that is going to LISTEN to the People.

Believe it or not. The President and the Liberal Leadership are the ones in the Minority in this country. Government take overs, Ignorant Bans. Complete disregard for Laws, Courts, and the Constitution. Way out of control Spending. NOTHING being solved but their agendas move on. The PEOPLE have had enough.

From interfering in States, Personal lives of All Americans, disregarding Judges rulings on State Rights, Immigration, Obamacare, ETC. They have shown they care not for the people. From busing in Protesters, and making stupid comments about Wisconsin, The teachers telling Students, "Screw YOU." and Doctors willingly practicing Malpractice, it is the LEFT that have over stepped their bounds.

You want to compare ANYONE to a Dictator, You need look no farther than Obama and Crew. HE is the one that said he doesn't like the Constitution. He is the one that took over Private Corporations. He is the one that is helping the Gas Price to raise to $5.00 a gallon. HE is the one that said he wants to change the VERY FOUNDATION of this country. No my friend, you need only look toward Him and HIS ilk. He is the one that wants and Obamanation with him as King.