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Friday, March 11, 2011

Jackson Calls For Recall and Riots,

I agree with the Recall part.

Hey folks,

Do you know the Osgood Files? Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network? I love Charles Osgood. He does this little like 2 minute Radio Segment on one of my local Radio Stations in the AM, but he is Nationwide. Well, yesterday, Dave Ross was filling in. {Laughing} He NAILED Obama and Crew with ONE LINE. He was talking about Libya and the No Fly Zone. Some from all around the World are ASKING and HOPING that we get involved over there. Obama? Well, he is throwing another Party at the White House. But Dave Ross, with one line, really tells you who Obama and Crew are. He plays a clip of Hillary Clinton, as a Presidential Candidate in 2008, then he makes the comment I absolutely love.

"When there's a crisis - and that phone rings at 3 AM in the White House..." (:05)

For now, you check the caller ID - and let it ring.
{Laughing, banging hand on desk}

The Osgood File. Dave Ross on the CBS Radio Network.

The Osgood File. March 10th, 2011.
That really sums some things up. Does it not? Anyway, HAPPY FRIDAY! Glad you could stop by. Since it IS Friday, time to check in with the Emails.

"What do you really think of this? Rev. Jackson is calling for riots. He is actually saying that either you give people collective bargaining or else. I hear he is also calling for recall of all Republicans that voted. Not the Dems that walked out of their jobs, but those that actually did what the people want."
Well? I agree with the Recall part. But it's the Cockroaches that fled when the lights came on that should be Recalled. So I'm with him on the Recall.

As far as THIS Statement goes?

"So they're going to escalate the protests -- you will either have collective bargaining through a vehicle called collective bargaining or you're going to have it through the streets. People here will fight back because they think their cause is moral and they have nowhere else to go."
{Sigh}I say LET THEM. Who cares? 175,000 Public Sector Employees, who make much more, but average out to $50,000, vs over 5,000,000 Citizens. Good move on Gov. Walker's part. What was that line?

"The needs of the many, outwiegh the needs of the few, or the one?"
So what are they all upset about? 5.8 percent of their pay to their Pensions, 12.6 percent of of their Healthcare Premiums, Vote yearly if they want to be part of the Union. They can STILL negotiate other things. He didn't KILL the Unions. He put the power in the hands of the People. THEY can decide if they want Unions or not.

Let the protest. They do not have the people's support behind them. Most see this for what it is, the right thing to do. Most of these Protesters are from OTHER Unions, outside the State. But a word of warning. If I was the Governor, or the Head of the Police, I would be arresting any of them that deface Private Property, get Disorderly, or make a Public Nuisance of themselves. They have the RIGHT to PEACEFUL, non-destructive Protests. But not to litter and be destructive. Those that refuse to do their Jobs? They would be FIRED. Those 14 Cockroaches? I would be calling for them to be Recalled. Let the People decide if they were Bold, or Cowardly and not doing their Jobs. I also hope others follow Wisconsin's lead.

Link: Real Clear Politics - Jesse Jackson In Wisconsin: We're "Going To Escalate The Protests"

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Have a GREAT Weekend folks. See you Sunday.

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