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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mature Drivers Act, Brest Milk Ice Cream?

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Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to ya. Glad you stopped by today. I AM your Provocateur of Thought himself, Peter Carlock, and THIS is the OPNTalk Big Sunday Edition. You can follow along on Twitter, see the Quote of the Day and all those Pictures on Facebook, like this one. And as always, if you want to be part of the OPNTalk Blog, you can Email me at

Here is a CLEAR, real life example of what I mean when I say Liberals, and some Democrats, well, I guess a growing number of folks, have the inability to apply Logic and Reason to whatever they are dealing with. This is a CLEAR example of why I say and do, some of the things I say and do.

OK. So we have this group. Most likely funded by YOUR Money, well, if you live in Florida. They do this Study and find out that more 16 year olds have accidents than 17 year olds. So Liberal Democrat, Representative Irving Slosberg, decides that we need to raise the Start Driving age from 16 to 17. It's called the Mature Drivers Act.

I asked my 19 year old Niece Selina, "What do you think of this." Now to be fair, she IS my Niece. This means that some of my blood, runs in her. Since I had a hand in raising her, that also means that she has been taught how to apply Logic and Reason. So I asked her, "What do you think. Will this save lives?" Her answer?

"What? That has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. You mean to tell me that they actually believe that this will save lives? Of course more 16 year olds have more accidents. They are just starting to drive. They do not know how to handle a car yet. They are just learning."
So I asked her what she thought that this would actually accomplish. After I stopped laughing that is. She said this.

"More 17 year olds will have accidents. Because NOW they will be just learning to drive."
God I love her. She is right.Raise it to 20, more 20 year olds will have accidents than 21 year olds. {Sigh} Folks, what does it tell you when a 19 year old Girl, no disrespect intended, understands Reality better than our Elected Officials? But that IS Liberal Think. More 16 year olds have accidents than 17 year olds. So lets raise the age to 17. Look at all those lives we will save. Right? What about the year experience? Doesn't that have to come into play? "Forget that. Look at all those 16 year olds we will save. We done good."

Coming right up?

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Before we get to all that, did you know that Lady Gaga is suing an Ice Cream Company over their product called Baby Gaga? I did not even KNOW that this existed. Now I wish her luck. I have seen that they even seem to have someone dressing up like Lady Gaga to advertise it. I hope she wins.

But I do GUARANTEE you this is one product I have NO desire in trying. You see folks, Baby Gaga Ice Cream is made from Breast Milk. Yup. Breast Milk. Yeah.

I will tell you what I AM about to consume. Another cup of Coffee. This Week's featured Coffee? I just got it in the Mail. It's Don Francisco's Chocolate Raspberry. Be right back. Breast Milk Ice Cream? No thanks.

WCTV - Rep. Slosberg Files Bill to Raise Driving Age from 16 to 17
Breitbart / AFP - Lady Gaga eyes legal action over breast milk ice cream

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