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Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan Food Off Market, Increases World Food Shortage

While we WILLING cut our own.

Hey folks,

Happy Friday!! I hope you have a great one. Since it is Friday, time to check in with the Emails. This week was pretty good. But I do need to comment on this one. Not the reason it was written, but the REALITY of the situation.

"Peter, would you eat, drink, or even handle anything from Japan right now? Why would this be a question?"

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when they came out day before yesterday and said, "don't give infants the water. It is TWO TIMES the safety level. But it's safe for Adults." Uh, yeah, no thank you. But there is a bigger point to be made here.

What LP is talking about here is this Story from Breitbart - Global food scare widens from Japan nuclear plant Mar 24 09:08 AM US/Eastern
Countries across the world shunned Japanese food imports Thursday as radioactive steam leaked from a disaster-struck nuclear plant, straining nerves in Tokyo.

The grim toll of dead and missing from Japan's monster quake and tsunami on March 11 topped 26,000, as hundreds of thousands remained huddled in evacuation shelters and fears grew in the megacity of Tokyo over water safety.

The damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant from the tectonic calamity and a series of explosions has stoked global anxiety. The United States and Hong Kong have already restricted Japanese food, and France wants the EU to do the same.

Russia ordered a halt to food imports from four prefectures -- Fukushima, Gunma, Ibaraki and Tochigi -- near the stricken plant 250 kilometres (155 miles) northeast of Tokyo.

Moscow also placed in quarantine a Panama-flagged cargo ship that had passed near the plant and put its 19 crew under medical supervision after detecting radiation levels three times the norm in the engine room.

Australia banned produce from the area, including seaweed and seafood, milk, dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables.

It said, however, that Japanese food already on store shelves was safe, as it had shipped before the quake, and that "the risk of Australian consumers being exposed to radionuclides in food imported from Japan is negligible".

Singapore also suspended imports of milk products and other foodstuffs from the same four prefectures and Canada implemented enhanced import controls on products from the quartet.

The Philippines banned Japanese chocolate imports.

"Food safety issues are an additional dimension of the emergency," said three UN agencies in a joint statement issued in Geneva, pledging they were "committed to mobilising their knowledge and expertise" to help Japan.

Japan was taking the right actions, said the International Atomic Energy Agency, World Health Organization, and Food and Agriculture Organization.

"Food monitoring is being implemented, measurements of radioactivity in food are taking place, and the results are being communicated publicly."
Now it goes on to talk about the Water, and the whole disaster situation. Click the link to check it out. But, well, so, to answer your question, NO. No I would not eat nor drink anything that is coming from Japan right now.

However, this also illustrates another point of reality. The more you restrict something, the less you have. When you have little of something, something interrupts supply, you have even LESS.

We have already seen World Food Supplies diminish because of the "Green Dream." Ethanol. We are PAYING Farmers in this Country, and many others are as well, to STOP GROWING Food, and START growing Fuel. Our Administration in this Country and others, want to increase Ethanol to 15 percent of every gallon of fuel. As we learned in that past Conference Call, the tests are underway, but no one knows the effect it will have in your cars. If it damages the Engine, who's responsible for fixing it? So on and so forth.

So untested, unknown, and it really is NOT the Saviour from Oil that some make it out to be. I have an EXCELLENT Graph on this I will share with you, about the Pros and Cons of Ethanol this Weekend. But we already know, that this untested, pursuit has lead to Food Prices Skyrocketing, and even Riots. We are WILLING reducing the World Food Supply, so when something happens like this, we have even LESS.

It's the same thing with Oil. We are PAYING BILLIONS to foreign Governments to DRILL off our Coasts. We are allowing foreign Countries to put underwater storage tanks off our Shores. Yet we are not allowing US companies to Drill. We are not giving US Citizens Jobs. We are not using our OWN resources. So we have LESS Supply. World demand up. Japan, Libya, and turmoil in the entire Middle East Region, effects both Demand and Price. Libya and the Middle East, and World demand, already increased the Price to over $105.00 a Barrel. NOW add in Japan? Last I checked, $110.00. With no real desire for some to increase Production.

So when you start restricting whatever it is, you have limited supply stream. When something happens to disrupt that supply stream, you GET and HAVE even LESS of what you have ready restricted yourself into having.

This is why it is so important to have TRULY intelligent people, Adults if you will, looking at REALITY and the World Stage. This is why we need truly, not invented or alleged, but TRULY intelligent people coming up with better Policies, than those we have now.

Link: Breitbart - Global food scare widens from Japan nuclear plant

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