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Sunday, February 20, 2011

DLA For Sunday 022011

Gov. Chris Chistie 2.0

Hey folks,

The movement is growing. There IS a Conservative Ascendancy in America. The People spoke. They Elected People to do a Job. You want to know why I and many others were saying we need Adults to get back into Office to fix the things that the Juveniles messed up. Here is a CLEAR illustration.

In Wisconsin, The People Elect Gov. Scott Walker. The State is upside down by over Three Billion dollars. He makes some tough, and not so tough decisions, he sticks to them. He starts attempting to get things done. What do the Democrats do? They all load on a Bus, and skip out. What do the Teachers do? They refuse, which is illegal, to go to work. The KIDS suffer. What is the issue? Unions of course.

No. This is a bold political move, but it is a modest request of our employees. In fact, I should make it very clear: There are 300,000 state and local government employees. The vast majority of them for days have been showing up to work just like we paid them to do. The state senators who are hiding out down in Illinois should show up for work, have their say, have their vote, add their amendments. But in the end we've got a $3.6 billion budget deficit we've gotta balance, and I think for most people in the middle class outside of government they understand what we're asking for is still a lot less than what most of our average taxpayers are paying.

There 314 fire and police unions in the state. Four of them endorsed me; all the rest endorsed my opponent. For us it's simple: We cannot compromise for one minute public safety in this state. We've seen what's happened, unfortunately, with a number of our schools. It is illegal to strike in this state. We can't compromise our public safety. The millions and millions of taxpayers in the state have a right to be heard as well, and we can't raise taxes to balance this budget or we'll cripple the economy that already has about a 7-1/2% unemployment rate. To show that we're open for business we've gotta make it easier to put people to work here, and asking employees to pay half the national average for health care is truly a modest request.
What about the Democrats that skipped town?

I continue to work, and I'm calling on the members of the State Senate to show up and do the job that they're paid to do as well. On behalf of the people who pay their salaries, show up to work. They get paid to come to work and they should be coming to work. You can't have "conversations" if you're not at work.

They're hiding out in another state. They're hiding out in hopes that somehow that will test the resolve. If anything, I think it's made the Republicans in the Assembly and the Senate stronger. They're not gonna be bullied; they're not gonna be intimidated.
THAT is the sentiment, the GROWING sentiment in this Country. The American People asked the Liberal Leadership to slow down. Stop the Out of Control Spending. DO YOUR JOB. They said "Screw YOU!" The American People said NO to Obamacare. The Liberal Leadership said "Screw YOU! You will be part of it or else." Well this past Election, the People said "SCREW YOU. We will NOT be Bullied." State after State are standing up and asking "Why?" "Why are we doing all these things we can't pay for?" Governors, State Governments, TRUE Leaders are starting to stand up. They are saying "No more."

Congratulations Gov. Scott Walker. For having the Courage and the resolve to stand up and say "Enough is enough. Time for a Change." Do not give up. The President may be against you, but the American PEOPLE are behind you. Keep up the Good Work.

Rush Limbaugh Radio Show - Governor Scott Walker Stands Firm Against Obama-Backed Unionistas

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