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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Liberals Upset At Pace, But KNOW Obama Is Lying

What he did not say is he would lift the Moratorium.

Hey folks,

So Obama goes to the Camber of Commerce to attempt to make nice. Even with a joke or two about "Being a good Neighbor" and "Bringing a Fruit Cake." He thought he was saying all the right things. He even shocked and maddened some Liberals.

Now he said a lot of things that on the surface may SOUND good, but if you scratch the surface, you see more of the same old Obama. "Share the Wealth. "Spread the Wealth around." ETC. He wants to eliminate the Incentives to Borrow, in order to reduce taxes. ETC. Smoke and mirrors folks. If you had to pay cash for your house, would you? Business works in similar ways. They need to borrow and grow. But that's not what I want to talk about.

The one thing that he said that has send some Liberals into the stratosphere, with the Environmentalist in tow, he will not enforce the ridiculous Green House Gas Regulations. AKA, the Clean Air Act. He said that he understands how burdensome this can be to business. Now is not the time.

Well, well, well. THIS did not sit well with the Left at all. So there are many that are attempting to reassure them, that Obama cares. In the process, they are also admitting that he is LYING. Here is an example. According to - Proof Obama is not caving on regulation: The EPA
Never mind healthcare or bank reform. The prospect that President Obama might gut environmental protection while eliminating unnecessary "burdensome" regulations is where some liberals get most nervous. The president put very little effort into getting any climate legislation passed, leading environmentalists to wonder: Does he actually care?

On the surface, the concern is justified. House Republicans have made the crusade to cripple the EPA's ability to enforce limits on greenhouse gas emissions a top priority. Last week, Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., announced plans to introduce legislation that would explicitly prohibit the EPA from considering "greenhouse gases" a pollutant under the terms of the Clean Air Act. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginian Democrat, recently reintroduced a bill that would delay any EPA greenhouse gas limit enforcement for two years.

In response, the White House has been quiet. The president did not mention the words "climate change" in either his State of the Union speech or his address to the Chamber of Commerce. Quite the opposite: His only reference to the EPA at the Chamber was to cite a decision by the agency to delay, for three years, the setting of any limits for greenhouse gases generated from the burning of biomass, as an example of how accommodating his administration was willing to be on the regulatory front.
But FRET not my Liberal Environmentalist. This is just the way the World Works. He HAS to say these things. He no longer controls the House, with controls the Purse Strings of all the things Obama wants to do. But FRET not my Tree Hugging Friends, HE IS LYING.
I'm guessing Obama included that line because he or his advisers thought it would go over well with Chamber conservatives. But by pointing out an instance of EPA inaction, the president carefully avoided dwelling on the fact that the agency has already taken the much more significant step of beginning the process of regulating greenhouse gas emissions at power plants, oil refineries, and other major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. As of Jan. 2, the EPA is requiring that the operators of new, or substantially modified, facilities must get permits that will limit their future greenhouse gas emissions and require upgraded technology.

In other words, it's already happening. The pace is excruciatingly slow, and there are legal challenges that must be parried every every step of the way, and both states and plant operators have a lot of leeway in how to deal with the proposed changes, but the machinery of greenhouse gas regulation is proceeding. And this is entirely due to the fact that the current occupant of the White House is a Democrat who appointed a strong director -- Lisa Jackson -- to run the EPA.
The rest blames Bush, Blah, blah, blah. But as we see all the time from Obama, what he says and what he does, not always the same. {Smile}

What he COULD do to jump start the Economy? END THIS POINTLESS and STRICTLY POLITICAL Drilling Moratorium. Create Tens of Thousands Jobs in the industry, MILLIONS of Jobs related to Oil. Drivers, Mini Marts, Factory Workers, {Make Up, ETC} ETC. BILLIONS in Revenue. As Jack Gerard, President of API recently pointed out..
Earnings are also good news for services provided by the government: oil and natural gas companies provide the U.S. Treasury, on average, with well over $95 million each day through taxes, royalties, rents and other fees that can then be used for such things as schools, roads and parks.
Can you name me another business that pays $95 million each day? Not to mention, yes, I know some hate this, but the WORLD RUNS ON OIL AND NATURAL GAS! So if Obama was serious about jump starting the Economy, and setting the minds at easy of Business, lifting the Moratorium, get out of the way, and LET Oil and Natural Gas do their thing. What he SHOULD do, is get out of the way of ALL business and let AMERICA bring AMERICA back. But I really just do not think he gets it.

Sources: - Proof Obama is not caving on regulation: The EPA
Energy Tomorrow - The Economics of Oil Company Earnings

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