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Monday, February 14, 2011

One Year Later, Remembering an Old Friend

Barb asked to repost at Facebook.

Hey folks,

Yesterday was the One Year Anniversary of the passing or a TRUE friend. His Wife Barb asked me to repost the Post I posted on the day of his passing over at Facebook. I did so. But in doing, it flooded my mind with nothing but fond memories, and so I'm reposting it here as well.


Hey Folks,

I got an Email at 1:22 am this morning that has to be the worst Email I have ever gotten. It was from Barb Culhane, Wife and long time partner of William Culhane, AKA Irish Godfather. Bill passed away last night.

Back on Febuary 8, Bill was taken to the Hospital. Just at 7:03 pm last night, I got GREAT news.

"Bill is doing great they moved him to a regular room tonight. So if anyone wants to send him a card,,,,"

The the bad news cam just a few hours later.

"Bill called me at 10;30 tonight and told me he loved me. At 11;42 the Hospital call and said that he had taken a turn and that the Dr's are here with him. I got to the hospital as fast as I could and he was gone. They said that there was blood coming out of his mouth and that his heart hurt The next thing he was gone."

This TRULY is a SAD day for me. I have been "Friends" with Bill since the beginning. When I was just popping in and out all over the Internet, from this DB to that one, debating the "Hot Button" Issues, Irish Godfather was there. Bill became one of the, if not THE, very first true OPNer. He was there from day one.

Over the years I found not only an Internet "Friend" but a TRUE Friend. We did not always agree, and he was never to shy to say so {Smile} but we were truly kindred spirits on most issues. I can TRULY say I love Bill, and will miss him dearly. THIS truly is a SAD DAY for me.

May Barb and the rest of his family have the peace and comfort they need in this very dark time. God speed my old friend. May you truly rest in peace.

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