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Friday, February 18, 2011

Pelsoi Called It AstroTurf, Is THAT Wisconsin?

Keep up the good work Gov. Walker..

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to you. Time to check in with the Emails. Have you been following what is going on in Wisconsin? Just like New Jersey, the PEOPLE Voted a guy in, they want him to bring about REAL change. He is DOING it. The Liberals are TICKED OFF! But the PEOPLE are happy.

"How can you say the people are happy Pete? Have you not seen the protests?" Yes. Yes, I have. But this is NOT a Tea Party type movement. This is TOTALLY Orchestrated by the Unions. Now, Obama may even get involved. I'm not kidding.

According to Red - As Wisconsin Implodes, White House Plans Meeting With AFL-CIO War CouncilPosted by LaborUnionReport Thursday, February 17th at 6:00PM EST
Today is the third straight day of protests in Madison, Wisconsin as Barack Obama’s shock troops storm the state capitol to fight Governor Walker’s plan to reform the public-sector scam that has ravaged that state for decades.

As Democrats fled the statehouse (to an apparently non-union hotel in Illinois) to avoid doing the duties they were elected for and capitol staffers were told to lock their doors, the impression that the rest of America may have is that this is a “spontaneous” uprising (sort of like Tunisia and Egypt were supposed to be spontaneous). However, if that’s what you’re thinking, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

Despite his feigning ignorance on the situation in Wisconsin, the President’s background is as a “community organizer,” working with groups like ACORN and the SEIU. As a community organizer, their modus operandi is to make it seem as though marches and protests are “popular uprisings” [yeah, Mubarek got pwned].

Because of this background, this should come as no surprise to you…

According to the DNC’s activist arm OFA, “Organizing for America is mobilizing on the ground in Wisconsin…”

That’s right. The Democrat National Committee’s Organizing for America (along with their union boss buddies) are helping to orchestrate the “uprising” in Madison.

[Perhaps that's what Nancy Pelosi means by "astroturf."]

You can follow the OFA tweets from Wisconsin here.

However, it gets even better.

On March 4th, [via Politico] a closed-door meeting is being held at the AFL-CIO headquarters to ostensibly discuss the 2010 elections. The presenters include operatives from the AFL-CIO, DSCC, DGA and operatives from other “shadowy outside groups.”
Here’s the schedule (and list of speakers):

National Briefing (9:00am)

•Joel Benenson, Benenson Strategy Group
•Nathan Daschle, Former DGA Executive Director
•JB Poersch, Former DSCC Executive Director
•Jon Vogel, Former DCCC Executive Director
•Mike Podhorzer, AFL-CIO

Nevada Panel (10:30am)

•Travis Brock, Former Nevada Democratic Party ED
•Lorena Chambers, Chambers Lopez & Gait├ín
•Brandon Hall, Former Reid Manager
•Jill Hanauer, Project New West
•Craig Varoga & George Rakis, Patriot Majority
Wisconsin Panel (10:30am)

•Heather Colburn, Political Consultant
•Paul Maslin, FM3
•Mike Tate, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Ohio Panel (1:00pm)

•Doug Kelly & Lauren Groh-Wargo, Ohio Democratic Party
•Aaron Pickrell, Former Strickland Manager
•Will Robinson, The New Media Project

Colorado Panel (1:00pm)

•Guy Cecil, DSCC Executive Director
•Paul Harstad, Harstad Research
•Steve Stenberg, The Strategy Group

New Hampshire Panel (1:00pm)

•Nick Baldick, Hilltop Public Solutions
•Matt Hogan, Anzalone Research
•Valerie Martin, Former Hodes manager
•Ed Peavy, Mission Control

Florida Panel (2:30pm)

•Dave Beattie, Hamilton Campaigns
•New Mexico Panel (2:30pm)
•Dawn Laguens, LKK Partners
•Mike Bocian, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner

Iowa Panel (2:30pm)

•Pete Giangreco, The Strategy Group
•Jeff Link, Link Strategies
•John Lapp, Ralston Lapp Media
•Jef Pollock, Global Strategy Group

Minnesota Panel (4:00pm)

•Jeff Blodgett, Wellstone Action
•Andy O’Leary, Minnesota DFL
•Robert Richman, Grassroots Solutions

Pennsylvania Panel (4:00pm)

•JJ Balaban, The Campaign Group
•Kevin Mack, Mack Crounse Group
•David Petts, Bennett, Petts & Normington

Michigan Panel (4:00pm)

•Amy Chapman, Grassroots Democrats
•Mark Brewer, Michigan Democratic Party
•Wendy Fields Jacobs, UAW
•Walt Herzig, Former Bernero Manager

As stated on another post, the battle is in front of you.

This is just the beginning.
Did you see where yesterday, all the Senate Democrats got on one bus and left the State. {Laughing}To avoid the Vote, instead of DOING THEIR JOB, they got up and left. Which really tells you who these people are. They took their ball and went home. They wanted nothing to do with a Vote they KNOW they will lose. How many of you out there think you would still have a Job if YOU got up and walked out. Cowards and Idiots all. They should just Vote No. When the Unions are protesting, they can PROVE that they Voted no and just failed to win the Vote. But to get up and LEAVE? They had better have left the State, because last I heard, the Police where looking for them. Great Leadership. Right?

I have no Idea if this is true or not, but think about this. Gov Chris Christie got the Ball Rolling in New Jersey. Maybe Gov. Walker was watching and paying attention? Maybe more are getting ready to follow. Now we need the Members in the House to follow their lead. Then in 2012, we need one in the White House. We need BOLD and FEARLESS Leadership. People that can make tough decisions. And STICK to them. There IS a Conservative Ascendancy happening in this Country. Our new and soon to be, Leaders can either learn, and jump on board, or they can be wiped out in the wave of TRUE Change that is starting to take hold.

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I believe there is a typo in your date for the AFL-CIO closed door meeting. Should be 2011?