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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adults Vs Children, Illegal Teachers, Fake Doctors

Time to call these people out.

Hey folks,

Time to prosecute them as well. They are STILL being paid to do their Jobs, yet, they are not doing them. According to the AP - Wisconsin Democrats could stay away for weeks By SCOTT BAUER and TODD RICHMOND, Associated Press – Fri Feb 18, 2:37 pm ET
MADISON, Wis. – Democrats on the run in Wisconsin avoided state troopers Friday and threatened to stay in hiding for weeks, potentially paralyzing a state government they no longer control.

The party's stand against balancing the state's budget by cutting the pay, benefits and collective bargaining rights of public workers is the boldest action yet by Democrats to push back against last fall's GOP wave.

But the dramatic strategy that's clogged the Capitol with thousands of protesters clashes with one essential truth: Republicans told everyone unions would be a target, and the GOP has more than enough votes to pass its plans once the Legislature can convene.
So these 14 Democrats, should be recalled NOW. They should be thrown out of Office. They are STILL being paid to do their Jobs. They are not doing them. All they have to do is be ADULTS and show up for work. Vote NO. They are going to lose. But they will be on record standing up for what they believe in. It's not a hard concept.

But they are not the only ones still being paid, yet not working. Teachers are playing Sick. You see, it's illegal to strike in Wisconsin. So they are all calling in sick, shutting down entire School Districts, and hurting the Kids for their own selfish gain. According to the AP - UPDATE: Madison Schools Go To Court To Get Teachers Back
UPDATED Friday, February 18, 2011 --- 7:45 a.m.

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- The state's largest school district has joined those that have canceled classes due to teacher shortages caused by union protests at the state Capitol.

Officials say more than 600 of the 5,400 teachers in Milwaukee Public Schools called in sick Friday to attend the protests over Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill. The district has more than 82,000 students at 184 schools.
So OBVIOUSLY they are not sick. But they ARE about to file FRAUDULENT Documents. According to MacIver News Service - Fake Doctors’ Notes Being Handed Out at Wisconsin Gov. Union Rally
On Saturday, a group of men and women in lab coats purporting to be doctors were handing out medical excuse notes, without examining the ‘patients.’

“I asked this doctor what he was doing and he told me they were handing out excuses to people who were feeling sick due to emotional, mental or financial distress,” said Christian Hartsock. “They never performed an exam–he asked me how I was feeling today and I said I’m from California and I’m not used to the cold, so he handed me a note.”

Another woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were handing out excuses like they were leaflets.

“I asked if they were handing out doctors’ excuses and a guy said yes and asked me if I needed one,” she said. “When I told them I needed one for February 16 and 17th, he wondered if I wanted to come back here for the protests next week.”

What happened next?

“I said, ‘sure,’ and I received a doctor’s note for the 16th through the 25th of February, without a medical exam.”

The notes read

Feb 19, 2011

Patient’s name______

Date of birth ____/_____/_____

To Whom it May Concern:

This is confirm I have seen and evaluated the above named patient.

Please excuse from work/school due to a medical condition from

____/____/____ through

Please contact me at if additional information is needed. Thank you.


Physician Signature:

Physician Name

WI license number

Based on an examination of the signature and medical license number provided, one of the men handing out these notes was purporting to be James H Shropshire MD, a Clinical Associate Professor at the University Wisconsin Madison.

At this time, MacIver News Service is attempting to contact Dr. Shropshire to see if indeed he was the one handing out the notes on the Capitol Square
Folks, it's time to get serious with these Idiots. The Doctors should be brought up on charges of Malpractice. The Teachers should be Fired, and the Democrats on the Lamb need to be recalled and or removed from Office all together. The end result of this mess? The Republicans and Gov. Walker WILL get what they want. Meanwhile, the Kids are suffering. All these people are being paid. Right? Yet NONE of them are doing their Jobs. Is that NOT misuse of Tax Payers money? Let's end the SHOW, and get on with Wisconsin Business, and let's get on with the Country's Business. Lets let these people know, without a doubt, play time is OVER. The Adults are in charge now. What do you think they are teaching our kids by all this? Think about that.

AP - Wisconsin Democrats could stay away for weeks
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UPDATE: Madison Schools Go To Court To Get Teachers Back
MacIver News Service - Fake Doctors’ Notes Being Handed Out at Wisconsin Gov. Union Rally

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