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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stupidity and Recalls of Baby Monitors

Health and Science For Sunday 021311

Hey folks,

I know I'm heartless. I know I'm insensitive. I know, "What would you do if it were Eli?" I get it. But I'm sorry. No recall should be enacted due to the STUPIDITY of those involved. This is a classic case of why we have "Do not Iron while wearing." Labels out there. Stupidity. Sheer, unadulterated, STUPIDITY.

Now before we get into it. Of course, my heart goes out to the Parents. I can not imagine losing my Baby, or even Josh, now 5 years old. Especially, if it is MY fault that they died. So I DO have compassion for them.

However, this is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. How is this the Manufacturer's fault? Why do they feel the need to RECALL TWO MILLION of their product? They have done NOTHING wrong here.

How many of you are Parents? Would you put a loaded gun in the Crib with your Child? No? What about a Lighter? No? OK what about a bottle of Pills? Would you put ANYTHING within reach of your Child that may cause harm or Death? Of course not. To me, that would include ANYTHING with a CORD.

Well, according to the AP - Big recall of baby monitors after 2 deaths By Jennifer C. Kerr, Associated Press – Fri Feb 11, 11:57 pm ET

WASHINGTON – Nearly 2 million Summer Infant video baby monitors were recalled Friday after being linked to the strangulation deaths of two infants.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the electrical cords on the monitors can be dangerous for babies if placed too close to their cribs.
Of course they can. But if I put it within reach of my child, how does this relate to it being the fault of Summer? How is it ANY ONE'S fault other than MINE?

According to the commission, a 10-month-old girl from Washington, D.C., died in March when she strangled on the cord of a Summer Infant monitor camera that had been placed on the top of the crib rail. In November, a 6-month-old boy from Conway, S.C., strangled in the electrical cord of a baby monitor placed on the changing table attached to his crib.

CPSC and Summer Infant are also aware of a 20-month-old boy from Pittsburgh who nearly strangled on a camera cord that was mounted to the wall in reach of the child.
So in ALL these cases, all THREE, it is the fault of the PARENTS, and or CAREGIVERS. These are the one's that put the codes within reach of the Child. So WHY is there a recall at all? You know folks, it truly is a sad day when someone has to be told this.

Commission Chairman Inez Tenenbaum says cords and kids can be a deadly combination.

"I urge all parents and caregivers to put at least 3 feet between any video or audio baby monitor cords and a child in a crib," she said. "This simple step can save your child's life."
Now they have to recall MILLIONS, and what are they going to do? You guessed it. "Do not Iron while Wearing." They are going to put Idiot labels on them.

In all, about 1.7 million monitors — more than 40 different models of handheld, digital and color monitors — are being recalled by Summer Infant, based in Woonsocket, R.I.

The company is not offering to replace the products, but will offer new on-product warning labels and instructions about monitor placement.

The monitors were sold at major retailers nationwide between 2003 and 2011.
Now they are also recalling some batteries that have overheated. THAT I can see. But Millions of Monitors that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with them because of the stupidity of Three or so people? That I find patently absurd.

AP - Big recall of baby monitors after 2 deaths

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