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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now Is Not The Time To Become Complacent

From the Energy Front 021511

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday. Now normally, we would check in at the Energy Front today. But you already know the FACTS. We have talked about them in the past. We have talked about..

The Economy
Affordable Energy.
The fact that this Moratorium is NOT making us cleaner, nor safer. Others are still Drilling.
National Security.
High Energy Costs.

You want the FACTS vs Myths? Just type in Energy in the Search area here and check out the Vast Archives right here at OPNTalk. Or, you can also check in yourself with our friends over at API, and Energy Tomorrow.

You KNOW the FACTS. You know the result of all these Liberal Ideas and Agendas. You see the Price at the pump. You FEEL the Truth of all this in your wallet. You KNOW the answer.

I was talking to a friend of mind yesterday and they said, lets wait and see what these new members of the House actually do. Lets give them a chance. No, no, no. Now is not the time to get complacent. Now is not the time to sit back and watch.

Obama just purposed a new Budget. All you are hearing in the State Run Obama Media is about the "Spending Cuts." But when you dive into this, there are NO SPENDING CUTS. Not really. What they are trying to do is offset all their NEW spending, by including 15 Tax INCREASES. If the Congress Votes in this new Proposal, the 15 TAX INCREASES become law. One of the BIGGEST? New oppressive Taxation on Energy.

So now, Obama Limits the ability for the Energy Industry to do their Jobs. Costing Tens of THOUSANDS of US Jobs. Prevents Tens of Thousands of NEW Jobs. Forces US Companies to LEAVE the US and or, sell off some of their business to FOREIGN Companies. The new regulations and oppressive fines and costs INCREASE our dependency on foreign Governments. NOW he wants to ADD NEW oppressive Taxation on Energy.

Folks, NOW IS NOT THE TIME to be Silent. Now IS the time to keep calling, writing, and Emailing. ESPECIALLY if your Representative is a Tea Party backed Candidate. Let them know that you are behind them. However, remind them WHY you Voted for them. It was NOT so they could be there and just "go with the flow." You put them there to STOP the insanity. Call, write, Email, go to their Office. Do whatever you have to, let them know, that even if the Republican Leadership isn't getting it, they need to. NO NEW TAXES. NO OBAMACARE. NO MORE LIBERAL AGENDAS. NO MORE OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING.

Yes. So far I have been pretty happy with the Job they are TRYING to do. But this is a fight for America itself. A fight for our future. It is NOT Politics as usual. This is NOT "OK. We Voted for you, now do your thing." No, no, no. This is "OK. We Voted for you, now do the RIGHT thing."

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