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Sunday, February 06, 2011

DLA For Sunday 020611

Boldness and Right.

Hey folks,

Time to award the Display of Logic Award. This is another one of those, is there any doubts? Yes, this winner of the Display of Logic Award displayed not only the ability of understanding of Truth and Rightness, but the courage to stand up for it. The ability to do the Right thing.

He came to work, doing what he has done for years. A case was brought before him that questions that validity of the Rule of Law, the Constitution, and the limitation of the Federal Government.

He looked at all the evidence before him, and he Ruled the only way he could. The Government over reached it's authority, and that they backed themselves into a corner by not allowing a severability clause, in which case something could be removed if deemed unconstitutional, then the whole thing must be thrown out.

His name, is Federal Judge Roger Vinson. The Case is Obamacare. More Specifically the Mandate for every American to buy Health Insurance. The problem is, the Federal Government cannot mandate, or command, anyone to by ANYTHING. They simply do not have that Authority.

Now the fact that this Administration is simply trying to ignore this, doesn't change the fact that this one Judge, KILLED Obamacare. Regardless of what happens in the future, this Judge EARNED the Display of Logic Award.

Congratulations Judge Roger Vinson. THANK YOU for doing your job, and for doing it well. Thank you for being bold enough to Rule in favor of the Constitution, even if it does go against the Administration. Keep up the good work.

OPNTalk - Judge Agrees With Obama, Strikes Down Obamacare

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