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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yesterday Was TRULY Infotainment.

Her folks,

I cannot tell you how much I actually laughed most of the day yesterday. Just going about my day and I found myself laughing more than I have in a while. Yesterday was EXACTLY what I try to do here. That is provide the true OPNers, and guests here, with infotainment. The problem is, I do not think that the media was going for that.

Yesterday was a "screw you" day. It really was. It was a day where the stupidity of the LWL was on full display. It was more and more people standing up telling them, "screw you." It was just too funny. I’ll get back to the President’s speech, where he told the LWL screw you also, in a few minutes, but I have to give you kind of a round up of what I was and now am talking about.

Yesterday morning I told you this.

“Yes, it seems the times are a changing. It seems that the more the LWL tries to do what this insignificant, yet well funded group of Loons want, the majority of people are starting to stand up. They are starting to realize how insane some of these plans are. They are getting tired of it. They are getting tire of this do nothing Congress. Look at their approval ratings. Now it seems in baby steps, but it seems to be happening, that even some of the Mass Media are starting to back away. NYT not included. Don’t get too excited though, some of the MMD is owned and controlled by Soros himself. But there does come a time when lies, corruption and deceit become just far too great to cover up any longer.”

Might I have been wrong about the NYT? According to Fox News -What One Reporter Thinks Would Happen if U.S. troops Left Iraq

John Burns of the New York Times, who is considered the best print reporter on the beat in Iraq — disagrees with Democrats and other administration critics who think a U.S. troop withdrawal would make things better in Iraq.

Burns told Charlie Rose "It seems to me incontrovertible that the most likely outcome of an American withdrawal any time soon would be cataclysmic violence."

Burns says the Sunni minority has the most to lose. He said one senior American official told him that Sunni Vice President Tariq al-Hasimi when told of the serious possibility of a withdrawal — said — "then we will all be slaughtered."

John, may I suggest to you that you send someone out here, since you are in Iraq, and look to find the shortest unemployment line you can? You may need it.

You had General after General coming out and saying withdraw? Deadlines? "Screw you." Not only do we need until September, but we will be there until spring, summer, a year, two years, ETC. A sign they are getting tired of being used as Pawns by the Left Wing Looneys? I think so.

Then you had the very public rebuke of Supreme Leader Wannabe Hillary by the Pentagon. She wanted them to put in writing a date and time and HOW they planned on withdrawing. They said, “screw you.”

According to ABC News -Clinton Demands Pentagon Plan for Withdrawal

On Thursday she received a response from the Pentagon that she told ABC News was "outrageous and offensive."

The letter from Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Eric Edelman did not mince words. "Premature and public discussion of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq reinforces enemy propaganda that the United States will abandon its allies," he wrote.

"I deeply resent the administration's continuing effort to impugn the patriotism of those of us who are asking hard questions," Clinton told ABC News.

You are NOT asking hard questions you twit. You are attempting to force the surrender of our military to the enemy. You are doing so stickily for political reasons. You and the rest of the LWL have been attempting to pass bills guaranteeing defeat. You keep failing. Then you want them to put in writing how they plan on losing?

Folks, these people are one of two things. Sick, or stupid. They are either truly believing that you are idiots and will just fall into place and give them the total control and power they seek, at any cost, or they truly have not even raise to the level of idiot themselves. They are stuck on stupid.

Then you have my favorite little tidbit from yesterday, or should I say tidbits. As an OBVIOUS response to Elizabeth Edwards saying that John Edwards was more of a women than Clinton. And that she was acting like a man, Clinton showed boobs. {Laughing}

You want to know what infotainment is? Yesterday was a perfect example. I do it here on purpose. It happened yesterday by the Mass Media by accident. When you can hear the news in a way that makes you laugh, truly looking for more, you have infotainment. You are informed, and entertained at the same time. Now back to the speech and the next round of idiocies from the LWL in reference to their continuing quest to lose the war.

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