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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LWL Member and Traitor Pelosi At It Again,

Hey folks,

Here is something you will probably not see in the mainstream media. Nancy Pelosi at it again with the LWL and President’s dead illegal alien AMNESTY bill. You read correctly.

LWL member and Traitor Pelosi hosted a citizenship workshop in San Francisco, which provided free assistance to individuals who are eligible to apply for American citizenship.

She could not help herself. They never can. But she said this.

“Good morning, and welcome to our Second Annual District Citizenship Workshop. This event is about lending a hand to those who seek to become part of the beautiful mosaic that is America. I am honored to be a part of it.

Those here today, who will become the newest Americans, exemplify what our great nation is all about. You have brought your hopes and dreams to a land where hopes and dreams can come true. I am proud to help you on your way to becoming American citizens.”

WAIT!! That is until YOU and the rest of the LWL take the freedoms away that you, and the rest of the LWL, consider detrimental you your power and ruling positions.

“Your participation is part of a historic wave in citizenship registration. Applications for citizenship are up 60 percent over the same period last year, according to a recent story in The Los Angeles Times. That is a reflection of the fact that hard-working immigrants continue to look to America for greater freedom and new opportunities.

This event provides a clear contrast between our vision of the future and that of Republicans in Washington."

It was President Bush’s BILL! HE wanted it. It was not the Republicans that blocked it. It was the PEOPLE! No one wanted it except for the LWL and the President. Not Republicans, Democrats, hell, even some immigrants didn’t want it.

“While Democrats support bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform that will keep America safe and unite families, Republicans resorted to obstruction. In contrast, Democrats will continue to move in a New Direction with strong border security, effective law enforcement, comprehensive immigration reform, and the full implementation of the 9/11 Commission recommendations.”

What a bunch of bunk.

"Today's event makes clear that America gains strength from its newest citizens and comprehensive immigration reform will ensure that America keeps growing stronger."

Folks, this is just more proof that all this bill, that YOU killed was, was an attempt to get the immigrant vote. They did the numbers and saw 12 to 20 million new voters, that WOULD vote Democrat. They wanted them for that reason. Period.

But this is important to remember, YOU killed it. Your voice mattered. It matters in 08. As I told you before, if someone like Supreme Leader Wannabe Hillary get’s in, this is a done deal. Amnesty will happen. Freedom of speech? Gone. The war? Lost. More attacks on America? You better bet. Taxes? Thru the roof. Capitalism? Dead.

Listen to these people. Watch what they do. Get knowledgeable about who and what they are. Then when the time comes, go VOTE. Also as I have told you before, America itself may very well hang in the balance.

Source: Office of the Speaker of the House

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