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Monday, July 09, 2007

Liking Romney A Little More

Hey folks,

Happy Monday to you. I still say that it's a long way to go, and still too early to say with any certainty, but I really am starting to lean toward Romney.

According to the Palm Beach Post -Romney says he's flexible on Iraq, a local paper yesterday,

WEST PALM BEACH — Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney said Saturday he is willing to change course in Iraq - as some Republican senators have now done - and is keeping an eye on the recent troop surge there. But it is too early to judge whether the surge is a success or failure, he said.

So far all the signs are that it is working. Could he be saying this just for political reasons? Yes, of course, but I also will be all for a new direction if the surge is shown, in time, to fail. I can respect him or anyone else saying let’s look at this a little more, in the near future.

Romney spoke before about 100 people at an "Ask Mitt Anything" campaign event at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. He answered questions for about an hour.

100 people, for about an hour. Meanwhile, Supreme Leader Wannabe Clinton only does mass audiences and does not like to answer ANY questions.

The former Massachusetts governor fielded questions on topics ranging from embryonic stem cell research, health care for soldiers returning from war and what to do in Pakistan.

Romney, 60, said he thought in combatting radical jihadists, America should work more with moderate Muslim states, bolstering things like schools and economic policies there.

"We have to strengthen those lands so those people will choose us," he said.

I’ll admit it folks, I am having an increasingly harder and harder time seeing any truth in the fact that there ARE moderate Muslims. I have to admit that I find it more and more difficult, attack after attack, to see ANY good in Islam. EVERY attack you see, hear, or read about, is being done by Islamofascists. Not just ignorant brainwashed people, but Doctors as we found out the last episode. But that is a personal thing. I can understand his point of view. I would much rather he be right about this than I.

In places like Pakistan, America needs to work not just on a military front, he said. Romney proposed putting together a "Special Partnership Force," a team of CIA agents and Army special forces to work with the local population - "not just to provide guns but to help make sure that they have the rule of law, water projects, bridges built."

Romney drew applause from the group when he said that as president he would improve intelligence gathering and communication of intelligence, an area he feels has been neglected.

Now this is just political rhetoric. The normal campaign talk. How will he do this? He doesn’t say. I would be interested in finding out more of his plans on HOW to do this.

On embryonic stem cell research, Romney said the place where he draws a bright line and says no is when there is an embryo created solely for the purpose of research and destruction.

This I agree with one hundred percent. There is NO scientific proof that they do anything. There is much more and actual proof that other forms of stem cell research show promise. I am glad to see him take a stance on this. Clear, no wavering, solid stance.

Romney repeatedly referred to President Ronald Reagan's campaign strategy and policies.

You know folks, I have to be honest here. There was only one, and there will never be another Reagan. I get a little tired of hearing “He’s no Ronald Reagan.” or “Is he the next Ronald Reagan?”

I do understand that to a lot of Conservatives out there, Ronald Reagan is a measuring stick. I understand that he was one of the greatest Presidents we have ever had. I understand the reality of the fact, if someone can convince you they fit the RR formula, they stand a real chance of getting a lock on the Conservative vote. But you must remember to judge the candidate as who they ACTUALLY are, and not just measure them in a Reaganistic way. You will be disappointed ever time.

It actually FINALLY happened. Get this.

Romney, a Mormon, did not make any specific mention of his faith, nor was he asked.

He was not asked about his faith? Really? Now if the MMD would pick up on that. I think we already know he is a Mormon.

Like I said folks, it is still too early to say without a doubt, who it is that I’m will to cast my vote for. Even in the primary. But the more and more I hear, the more and more I like Romney. I will without a doubt, be keeping a closer eye on him.

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