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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gas and Oil Cheaper, More Reliable, and Easier Than Green

The World is discovering.

Hey folks,

If you have visited here more than a couple of times, you understand my views on Liberalism. It can be summed up this simply. Liberalism: Quick to Dream, slow to THINK. Liberalism is FEEL Good. Forget Logic, Reason, or actual Thought. If it sounds good, feels good, and you could be considered a "good and Intelligent Person" for doing it, than JUST do it.

We've talked about this being how "Global Warming" has become a Religion. It possesses the same attributes as any Mainstream Religion. It has rewards, Punishments, Laws to follow, Salvation and Repentance, ETC. Like with most Religions, those that accept it as absolute Fact, neither question, nor accept, ANY possibility that it could be error. Any part of it. They will NEVER be convinced that it is NOT the Truth, and or, the FACTS do not back up what they are being told. They will just blindly follow it.

This is how those seeking to PROFIT from it, Power, Control, and of course, all that Money, STAY in business. This is HOW people like Al Gore, who understands Human Nature, has made Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. This is HOW Government can strip away the RIGHTS of it's Citizens, little at a time, and people stand and applaud. This is the whole reason "Global Warming" has become the largest SCAM in history.

This is also why so many, have bought into it, and are willing to lay down their lives, give away their Freedoms, and their Money. They are SAVING the PLANET. They will sacrifice themselves on the "Green Alter" for this worthy cause.

But here lies the problem. With any Scam, the truth is discovered. More and more people are waling up to realize that there is NO Man-Made Global Warming. Especially with headlines like THIS. UK Daily Mail - Earth facing a mini-Ice Age 'within ten years' due to rare drop in sunspot activity.As I told you about, one of the things causing those Storms in the Midwest, the Temperature is DROPPING. We are in a Cooling Cycle. So they change the name to "Climate Change." Then no matter what, they can blame Man. So how does this all relate to Energy? The GREEN Movement? Well, Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, ETC. These are BAD. Dirty. These are contributing to our destruction. Besides, there is not enough of them anyway. We will run out then what? No, no, no. We must go Green. We must find a way to use what we have. Sun, Wind, ETC.

Sounds GREAT does it not? Using the Sun and Wind to power our lives. Abundant and always available, FREE, Energy. Those Big Oil Companies will no longer be making Hundreds of Billions while I struggle to pay my Gas Bill. We will be saving the Planet from Dirty Oil. As a matter of fact, lets bankrupt the Coal Industry, add a Dollar Tax to EVERY Gallon of Gas, and this will FORCE people to go Green.

And then you have the TRUTH. The REALITY of the Situation. It's NOT available. There is NOTHING to switch to. It is NOT Sunny 24-7, everywhere. The Wind does not Blow at 35 MPH, 24-7, EVERYWHERE. Not many have an extra $40,000 to $50,000 dollars to throw away on a Car that is NOT tested long term, and has SEVERE limitations. Oh, did I mention that Green is NOT Free? Reuters had an EXCELLENT article a couple of days ago that illustrates this point. According to Reuters - Analysis: Gas is killing green energy in price war By Gerard Wynn LONDON Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:57pm EDT

(Reuters) - A widening shale gas revolution is killing the economics of renewable energy, even as falling costs allow wind and solar to overtake fossil fuels in niche areas, say energy executives and analysts.

Solar panel prices are down about 10 percent this year, but chasing a moving target as discovery of cheap shale gas spreads beyond the United States, experts told Reuters energy and climate summit.

Even big renewables investors, such as French energy company Total, see solar as a tiny part of the picture decades out, compared with gas. Total paid $1.4 billion for a majority stake in U.S.-based SunPower Corp.

"You have one energy that represents today more than 20 percent of the energy mix, and solar today is close to zero and will represent maybe 1 or 1.5 percent in 20 years from now," said Jean-Jacques Mosconi, Total head of strategy.
Read that again. "Solar today is close to zero and will represent maybe 1 or 1.5 percent in 20 years from now," 1 to 1.5 in 20 years. Maybe. But we will run out of Oil and Natural Gas. There just isn't really that much out there. REALLY?

The trouble is that a new "golden age of gas," as the International Energy Agency dubbed it, has created massive over-capacity in a key rival fuel for power generation.

"The economic viability of a lot of the renewables are getting killed because we have too much gas in the world right now," said Jeff Currie, global head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs.

"It's made a lot of these other projects like solar and wind struggle in terms of their economic viability, and coal too."
Oops. But Green Energy is cheaper? Right?

Building new gas plants was half the price of new nuclear, and much cheaper than wind and solar, said John Rowe, chairman of U.S. power company Exelon Corp. Shale gas has especially suppressed prices in the United States.

Energy ripples from a Japan quake, where some countries are now rolling back nuclear plans after the Fukushima crisis, would favor coal and gas as much as renewables, said International Energy Agency chief economist Fatih Birol.

"When Germany say they are going to use alternative energy sources, I just don't see it, if you try to switch now to solar power it will cost them 20 times more," said Peter Csoregh at Robeco's Natural Resource equities fund, expecting instead greater use in Germany of gas, coal and imported nuclear.
"Solar power it will cost them 20 times more." AND it's NOT Viable on a large scale, for EVERYONE. It just isn't. Remember I told you about FPL and the First Ever US Hybrid Solar Energy Center? 11 Thousand Homes, out of a Population of around 18,537,969 at a cost of about $340 Million dollars. So that's about $30,900 a home. Maybe a good start, but only 11,000 homes in one County, in one State.


Offshore wind may be in the same cost range as gas by 2015, said Joergen Kildahl, a board member at Germany's E.ON group, one of the world's biggest utilities.

But that did not include the cost of building back-up for the intermittent power source. "You need to buy the flexibility to balance your production. That's a big question mark," he said.
In other words, when cloudy and when the Sun is not producing. What then?

After steep price falls solar power is now close to being economic without subsidies -- called grid parity -- but only in niche areas including parts of California and Italy, sunny places with high power prices and fewer alternatives.

Falls in solar panel prices may flatten by 2013-2014, said Steven Chan, president of Suntech America, the North American unit of Chinese panel maker Suntech, who cited studies suggesting widespread grid parity with retail power prices by 2015.

Trina Solar, China's largest solar panel maker by value, was shipping modules at $1.50-1.55 now, down nearly 10 percent from a year ago, and expected prices at $1.40-$1.45 by year-end.

Industry module prices had fallen by about 10 percent in the first half this year and would fall a further 4-5 percent in the summer, said Frank Asbeck, chief executive of SolarWorld, Germany's second-largest solar company by value.

"(That) is when some Chinese players will run into difficulties," he added, referring to further price falls.
Because NO ONE is Buying it. This is why our Government HAS to prop them up with YOUR tax money. But of course, none of this matters to the Greenies. No. Oil and Natural Gas are EVIL.

Analysts and renewable energy supporters often point to hidden costs in the case of fossil fuels and nuclear.

Fossil fuels, for example, produce carbon emissions whose damaging impact on the world's climate is not priced outside Europe. Rare accidents and waste disposal may not be fully costed in the case of nuclear power. Question marks have been raised over the impact of shale gas on water quality.

"It's essential that we provide a policy framework that provides a level playing field," said Rajendra Pachauri, the head of a U.N. panel of climate scientists.
{Sigh} Which means what folks? Yeah. Say it with me. Government regulations, fines, control, and policies in place to MAKE you go Green. Even IF there is nowhere to go. Too costly to go NOWHERE, and it being pointless to even take the trip.

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