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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SEVERE WEATHER: Global Cooling?

Joplin Tornado due to Man-Made Global Warming? No.

Hey folks,

I knew, as soon as I tuned in and saw the massive destruction in Joplin Missouri, that it would only be a matter of time. It would be a mere matter of time before the Far Left Wing Kooks, the Environuts, and those that have been mislead, would be crying "The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling. You see. Man-Made Global Warming. WE caused this. We are to blame."

The GWBS Movement has all but died. Little to no Scientists out there are trying to push it anymore. One most basic reason is the Economy. No one has the extra money to give to the cause. As we all know, and have talked about for YEARS here, is that GWBS IS all about Power, Control, and of course, MONEY. Just like any other SCAM, when the money drys up, it goes away.

SO? Again, we here at the OPNTalk Blog are keeping those in Joplin Missouri in our Hearts and Prayers. May they have the Comfort and peace, strength and courage, that they all need in this very devastating time. We here at the OPNTalk Blog, and YOU, if you are a true OPNer, KNOW that this has nothing to do with MAN-MADE Global Warming. We understand that this is simply Nature doing it's thing.

I think the best explanation I have heard since this happened was from Joe Bastardi over at It is as I have been telling you for years. It's called CYCLES. Natural occurring cycles. We are hot. We are Cold. Wet, dry. Record Snow, no Snow. Storms, no Storms. ETC. Last year was a record SLOW Tornado Season. This year? We are getting what we are getting. Joe, and the folks over at Weatherbell, have put together some information. REAL FACTS. According to - SEVERE WEATHER: Global Cooling? May 23 10:28 AM by Joe Bastardi

All the wild weather that has taken place may be due to the dramatic global cooling that is taking place.

The decrease in temperature in the mid-troposphere (between 12,000 and 25,000 feet) is quite impressive.

The graph below shows the current 25 thousand foot reading versus 2010.

Similarly, at 2 meters, the cooling is quite evident as well.

While the cooling at 2 meters is significant, it pales in comparison to the cooling taking place at higher altitudes.

At 25,000 feet, not only are we experiencing the largest single year drop on record, but temperatures are now at the coldest levels since at least 1998

The cooling is taking place where the IPCC "trapping hot spots" were supposed to be showing up.

The colder upper atmosphere is causing more instability and may be a cause for the all the severe weather across the United States. Tornadoes were much more prevalent during the 1970's when the atmosphere was cooler.
SO? Joplin Tornado due to Man-Made Global Warming? The simple answer is, NO.

Sources: - SEVERE WEATHER: Global Cooling?

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