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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cars 2 Propaganda

They'll do just fine without me.

Hey folks,

Ever see "Cars?" Fun little kids movie. My boy Josh and I just watched it again last week when it popped on the Tele. I enjoyed the movie and so did Josh. While it was on, there was a preview for Cars 2. I didn't really pay it much attention, just another cute fun kids movie with talking Cars. "Daddy, Daddy. Can we go see that?" I do not know why not.

NOW I do. Here I am minding my,,,oh I know, It's Tuesday. What does any of this have to do with "From the Energy Front?" Just wait. So here I am minding my own business, checking out out Facebook, when I see this from a News and Radio guy friend of mine, Spencer Hughes :

"SHAME on the Hollywood LEFTISTS and their anti Big Oil agenda in CARS 2. They are like spoiled, whiney kids pouting and throwing a tantrum."
Wait. HUH? So I dropped him a line and said, hey, my kid really wants to see this. Was it really this bad. I think I asked was it worth it. He responded:

"TOTAL LIBERAL-ENVIROMENTAL FASCIST AEGENDA. Lasseter should be ashamed for making such crap this time around. I considered him a GENIUS in animation and filmmaking. Why would someone who is so blessed with unbridled creativity have to resort to Big Oil sabotaging green fuels as the plot of a kids movie?!?!" OK folks, now I LOVE Spencer. I really do. But this is a kids movie. I was thinking, ok, he must be off base a bit here. It a KIDS movie with talking Cars.

Then just yesterday, I hear Tom Sullivan on his Radio Show, talk about this very thing. He played an Interview with Cars 2 Director John Lasseter. And uh, YUP! Spence was right on the money. It was also done intentionally. So that there is no misunderstandings, here is an Interview as it appeared in the Wall Street Journal. I'm not sure if it's Ethan Smith giving the Interview or not, but here is the question and answer that got my attention.

Question: When you stepped in from executive producer to director what were some of the changes you made?

Lasseter: We revamped the whole story, the whole bad-guy arc. To me, there always needs to be a logic to our movies. No matter what subject matter it is, they have to be logical for the world we’re creating. I kept thinking about, “OK. A spy movie in the world where cars are alive. What would be a really good kind of über bad guy? Who is an über bad guy?” I kept going to big oil. This is before what happened in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why isn’t alternative fuel more… Why isn’t everybody jumping on that bandwagon? It makes so much sense: Electricity, solar, whatever. There’s ethanol. There’s all this stuff you could be doing. And so I thought, well, that could be really cool in that you could have big oil versus alternative fuel. That’s when we kind of crafted the bad guy’s story.

The greatest bad guys, you understand where they’re coming from. They believe they’re doing the right thing. Sometimes it’s for greed, sometimes it’s for other reasons, but they are what they call the center of good. They always believe they’re doing the right thing.
Yup. All those Cars RUN on Oil, yet, Big Oil is the Enemy? That's like saying Oxygen is Enemy to Life. Right? When Lasseter said this, "Why isn’t alternative fuel more… Why isn’t everybody jumping on that bandwagon? It makes so much sense: Electricity, solar, whatever. There’s ethanol. There’s all this stuff you could be doing." That TOTALLY HIS opinion on the matter. But the REALITY is that there is NOT all this other stuff you could be doing. I bet you almost ANYTHING that the vehicle he used to go back and forth, the Jet he flies on to get around the country, the Electric he uses to heat, cool, power, his home, and those little Plastic CARS that he sells that he makes MORE money on, ALL RUN ON, COME FROM, and WOULD NOT BE HERE, if not for Oil.

I'm sorry folks, I will not be dropping another Penny on this Franchise. Not another toy, not the Movie, nothing. Oh if it comes on the Pay Channels like next year or whatever, I'll let Josh watch it if he wants to. But I'll explain the TRUTH and REALITY of the situation to him at the same time.

To try to indoctrinate kids, who will be Driving in a few years, you know, when Obama wants Cars to go 51 miles a gallon, they will be ready. Big Oil is the Enemy that is killing the Planet. Oxygen is the Enemy of Life. And you little ones, YOU will be charged with Saving the Earth. {Sigh}

Ruin a kids movie for Left Wing, INCORRECT, Liberal Propaganda. Truly sad. Even though I will not drop another Dime into the Cars Hat, I'm sure that they'll do just fine without me.

The WallStreet Journal - In ‘Cars 2,’ John Lasseter Says Big Oil is the ‘Uber Bad Guy’

NOTE: The Picture is that of John Lasseter, Director of Cars 2

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D.J. Gray said...

Wow, go see it in 2d so it's not AS expensive. Your child wants to see it and making him pay for your beliefs is pathetic. HE'S A CHILD, LET HIM BE ONE! I must be blinded to politics cause I didnt even pay attention to the propaganda in it till someboday posted on my FB post about how great of a movie it is and they came back venting about this crap. You have your beef with Big Oil but let your son enjoy a great movie. Geeeeeez