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Sunday, June 26, 2011

They Use To Hide This

They use to pretend to be non-bias.

Hey folks,

I'm talking about the State Run MMD. {Mainstream Media Drones} The Corporate Media. The Obama Media. The Lamestream Media. Whatever you want to call them. They use to pretend to be non-bias. They USE to pretend to report facts and the NEWS and let YOU decide. They USE to have an active Policy to be NEUTRAL. Remember I pointed out the ACTUAL Ethics Guidlines from the New York Times.

Taken directly from their "ethics" rules and regulations.

And second, no one may do anything that damages our news staffs' reputation for strict neutrality in reporting on politics and government; in particular, no one may wear campaign buttons or display any other form of political partisanship while on the job.
And on "Voting, Campaigns and Public Issues"

89. Journalists do not take part in politics. While staff members are entitled to vote and to register in party primaries, they must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of our news operations. In particular, they may not campaign for, demonstrate for, or endorse candidates, ballot causes or efforts to enact legislation. They may not wear campaign buttons or themselves display any other insignia of partisan politics.

90. Staff members may not themselves give money to any political candidate or election cause or raise money for one. Given the ease of Internet access to public records of campaign contributions, any political giving by a staff member would risk feeding a false impression that we are taking sides.

91. No staff member may seek public office anywhere. Seeking or serving in public office violates the professional detachment expected of a journalist. Active participation by one of our staff can sow a suspicion of favoritism in political coverage.

92. Staff members may not march or rally in support of public causes or movements or sign advertisements or petitions taking a position on public issues. They may not lend their names to campaigns, benefit dinners or similar events if doing so might reasonably raise doubts about their ability or their newsroom's ability to remain neutral in covering the news. Neighbors and other outsiders commonly see us as representatives of our institution.

93. Staff members may appear from time to time on local or national radio and television programs devoted to public affairs, but they should avoid expressing views that go beyond the news and analysis that could properly appear under their regular bylines. Op-Ed columnists and editorial writers enjoy more leeway than others in speaking publicly, because their business is expressing opinions. They should nevertheless choose carefully the forums in which they appear and protect the impartiality of our journalism.

94. A staff member with doubts about a proposed political activity should consult a responsible manager. These guidelines protect the heart of our mission as journalists. Where the conflict with our impartiality seems minimal, top news executives may consider matters case by case, but they should be exceedingly cautious before permitting an exception.
Then on Monday, November 13, 2006 I posted this. The MMD Have Given Up Hiding It Then I continued to post the Guru Series.

It is clear now that the MMD do not even try to hide it anymore. They are OWNED by, and merely an extension of the Liberal Wing of the Democrat Party. Now we even have Michelle Obama ADMITTING it. I'm not joking folks. According to this Video posted by Real Clear Politics - Michelle Obama: "Fortunately, We Have Help From The Media"

CNN reporter: "How's the family ready for this [the election]? It's going to be quite vicious, isn't it? How do you prepare for that?"

First Lady Michelle Obama: "You know, it's … we're ready, you know. Our children, you know, could care less about what we're doing. We work hard to do that. Fortunately, we have help from the media. I have to say this: I'm very grateful for the support and kindness that we've gotten. People have respected their privacy and in that way, I think, you know, no matter what people may feel about my husband's policies or what have you, they care about children and that's been good to see."
Basically, they will not report anything we tell them not to. They will not talk about anything we ask them not to. We have their support and they will report what they are told. I understand she is talking about her kids here. But remember that hoopla about the way Chris Christie answered the question about why he sends his kids to Private School? "It's none of your business." Well, why does Obama and Michelle send THEIR Kids to Private School and why did Obama kill vouchers in DC? Yup. None of our business. Right?

The Media has given up trying to hide it. There can only be two reasons for this. One, they actually believe that most of you are Liberal Kooks that appreciate what they do. Two, you are too stupid to know better. That you will simple believe anything you hear, read, or see in the MMD. Problem is, you are NOT a Liberal Kook. Most in this country ARE Conservative. Most lean Right. You are NOT Stupid. This is why Papers are nearly obsolete. There are no Liberal Rush Limbaughs. Viewership of Network and Cable News is plummeting. Yet, they are STILL reporting what they are told and NOT reporting what they are told NOT to. Thank God for the New Media. The Internet, Talk Radio, and Fox News. This is why it is so important to not allow these people to pick our Candidate for 2012. They are a tool of the Left, pure and simple. Thank you Michelle for telling the truth about this.

Real Clear Politics - Michelle Obama: "Fortunately, We Have Help From The Media"

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