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Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Hey folks,

Happy Hump Day. Yes I was listening, and YES, I heard it. On Tuesday last week, a caller called in to the Dr. Laura Show seeking advice on how to deal with her Husband's apparent lack of concern over what she felt were Racially insensitive comments by his family.

She stated that she is a Black Woman, married to a White Male, and when the family gets together, some of his family uses language that she finds offensive and that she resents her Husband now because he doesn't stand up and say something.

Well, Dr. Laura asked her to give an example, due to the fact that perhaps she may just be hyper sensitive. Then Dr. Laura attempted to illustrate her point. She said that we have come a long way in this country, look at the fact that we now have a Black President. However, there is a double standard. Some thought, which is true, that electing a Black President, that it would somehow lead to less Racial Discrimination BS. The opposite is true. People can not criticize Obama without being called a Racist. True. She then said that some people, Voted for Obama simply because he IS half Black. That is also true.

Think about this. Anyone else would have been laughed out of the running. No experience WHATSOEVER. No school records, Health records, hell, no Birth certificate. Yet, because he is "Black" he sailed through. People wanted to be part of history, ETC. She is right.

But then she attempted to illustrate her point even more. Talking about an EXTREME aspect of this, she said that the "N" word doesn't even mean anything anymore. That you hear it all the time. Black people call each other this all the time. That you can't turn on Music Television without hearing "N", "N", "N" Only she actually SAID the whole Word. "Nigger."

When the Caller showed shock and dismay that Dr. Laura, "A White Woman on the Radio" could actually say that, Dr. Laura, most likely NOT the smartest thing to do, repeated it, THREE MORE times.

Lets see.

Andre Nickatina - Smoke Dope And Rap

"You got a grab bag hit the zags and roll her up
Cuz a nigga like me, cant fake it when im high
Get the visine for the tight red eyes"

Akon Lyrics
Album: Trouble Lyrics
Title: Gangsta Lyrics

"If you are a gangster and you confessing you kill a nigger on record"

Black Eyed Peas - Immabe

"Imma be the upgraded new negro
Imma be the average brother with soul

Y'all niggas wanna talk shit, but
Why don't you put it on the blog, nigga?
Rockin' like this my job, nigga"
Just a few examples. Again, Dr. Laura is RIGHT. Wait, if a White person sings a song in public with the word "Nigger" in it, does that make them a Racist? They are simply repeating already written lyrics. Right?

You know as well as I, if you go out into the real world, you hear this all the time. Comedians, Movies, Music, just plain ordinary people. Hell, I have a few good friends that use it all the time. I remember just telling a Joke to a good friend of mine, who is a Black guy, who looked at me and said "Nigga please." Last I checked, I'm still not Black. We joked and laughed. We kid around all the time. Neither of us are offended by silly words.

Yet, Dr. Laura? She took herself off the Radio for the last hour and played a tape. Either someone told her, or she realized, that she crossed some kind of imaginary line. Those KOOKS that sit in their basements every day listening to her, Rush, Hannity, Savage, ETC, just hoping to get a sound bite, a little nugget, something, ANYTHING, that they can take out of context and attack them with, most likely heard it too. They did.

30 years Dr. Laura has been on the Radio. She has helped COUNTLESS people over the years. The Kooks do not like her, because she is against what they stand for. She is Pro-Life, FOR Stay at home Moms, FOR Women treating their Husbands with RESPECT and Love, FOR Family, and she is a STRONG Women that does not subscribe to the Liberal, boot-laced Feminazi causes.

For the few ignorant people out there, and those that simply wish to use this to attempt to silence her, there are MILLIONS that are standing by her. I'm one of them. Why? Because she IS right. As a matter of fact, all this hoopla? This illustrates her point, better than she could have ever articulated. The Word is all over the place, common and used daily. Yet a "White Woman on the Radio" who was calling NO ONE a "N" but repeating what is out there, is a Racists and should be thrown off the Radio? Please. Give us a break and just go away. Dr. Laura has helped more Minorities than YOU have. You just do not like her, because you KNOW, Dr. Laura IS right.

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