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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Do Not Want Cap And Tax

Senate Shelved it BEFORE they went home.

Hey folks,

There are a couple of things to think about. Perhaps all rolled up into one. First, the House passed their version of Cap and Tax. We already discussed what Cap and Tax will do. Over 165 THOUSAND Jobs lost. Higher Energy Prices for all. Reduced supply of what the World needs to run.

We are already seeing the effect of the Obama Regime's ban on Drilling. They are simply LEAVING and going somewhere else. We already talked about the fact that the Liberals feel they have lost the whole SCAM of Man-Made Global Warming, and they FAILED to be effective in using the Deep Horizon Accident to gain YOUR support on Cap and Tax. They sure did try.

But they failed. There is no Oil. No Disaster. No long term damage that they can point to. They have been reduced to outright lying about things. "The Oil is lounging out somewhere under the surface." Uh, "Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there." Uh, "Microbes, YEAH. That's it. Microbes. You can't see them, but, uh, they are covered in Oil. Yeah, Yeah, that's it. We do not know the long term effects on Micro,,what? You found a Bird. Covered in Oil? GREAT!!! Call the News. Show the BIRD!!!! Only one? SO WHAT?!?!?! SHOW THE BIRD!!!"

So the House passes their version of Cap and Tax, it goes to the Senate. Enter the MMD {State Run Mainstream Media Drones} "The House passed Cap and Ta,, Uh, The Energy Bill, regulating Big Oil and ensuring that this type of 'Disaster' doesn't happen again. It now goes to the Senate and then President Obama, The One, Will sign it into Law. What a Glorious day." But wait, what's this? "They SHELVED WHAT?!?!"

That's right, the Senate shelved the Bill. This of course Ticked Off many opponents of Drilling. But some in the Senate feel that the Bill tried to over reach and address too many different agendas all at once. They feel that they would not get the support they need to pass it. However, perhaps a scaled down version might have a better chance. The Bill has been pushed back until at least September.

So what could possibly be another reason they shelved this? YOU! Remember the birth of the Tea Party? Remember when the Senate went home and tried to do Town Halls, ETC? Remember what happened? Well they were going home again. Just like Obamacare, YOU do NOT want this. According to CFIF {The Center for Individual Freedom} their group alone prompted more than 21,000 letters to Congress urging "opposition to newly-proposed, discriminatory tax hikes on America’s oil and gas producers."
ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Center for Individual Freedom (“CFIF”) today announced that activists from across the country have sent more than 21,000 letters to Congress urging opposition to federal legislation that slaps U.S. oil and gas companies with a massive new tax bill and consumers with increased energy costs.
That's just one group folks. YOU are writing, calling, and letting your voices be heard. AGAIN! One thing that is NOT good for the Looney Left? Educated Voters.

But they are NOT home for Summer Break. Are they? Nope. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Members back for a "Special Session" to take up another payoff to Unions and States. The Senate passed their version last week. The Bill provides $10 Billion for the Teacher Union and $16 Billion to help States meet their Medicaid payments. But hey, what's another $26 Billion? But if they are there, doing this, they can't be home holding any Town Halls listening to you about Cap and Tax. Can they? Do not look for to many Town Hall Meetings to take place either way. They KNOW where you stand on Repealing Obamacare. They KNOW where you stand on Cap and Tax. They KNOW where you stand on the out of control Spending. They KNOW they are governing against the Will of the People. They KNOW it. So do not look for too many opportunities to tell them Face to Face. They are Cowards.

So Cap and Tax is Shelved. For now. They can attempt to argue that the Bill goes to far, and they will scale it back. My gut tells me, that the truth is, they are waiting to see what happens in November. If they ARE Voted out, they will have nothing to lose. They will attempt to shove any and everything through. If they are Voted to remain in charge, then they will take that as a MANDATE, to continue with their agendas. But they do not want their Members scared to Vote on it. If they Vote on it now, after some of the Members hear from you, "Vote No, and we will keep you in," they MAY actually Vote it down. So my bet is that they will wait.

Do not stop folks. Keep telling them what you think. Keep it up. They Shelved a Job costing, Energy Cost Rising, Independence losing Bill. Let them know it NEEDS to stay there.

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