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Sunday, August 01, 2010

IWA For Sunday 080110

Who sees everything through the prism of Race?

Hey folks,

Time to end the day, with our Idiot of the Week. Over the years, both here and elsewhere, I have pointed out over and over again, who the true Racists are. They are not those that Lean Right from Center, nor Conservatives, nor most Republicans. They ARE the Liberal Left. Always have been.

We have talked about how it was DEMOCRATS that Voted No during the Civil Rights era. It was the Democrats of the time that did EVERYTHING that they could to keep Segregation. Just the FACTS folks.

We have talked about how it is now, was, and seemingly always will be, the Left who sees EVERYTHING through the Prism of Race. We talked about Black Leaders that see Planned Parenthood as a Racist organization that kills way more Black babies through abortion than they do any other Race. We talked about 75 percent of Black Smokers smoke Menthol, and how the Government wanted to ban ALL Flavors EXCEPT Menthol, which is the worst Cigarette you can smoke and causes more Deaths among Blacks than any other Race of people.

We talked about and pointed out how it is the Left that always make stupid Statements like this.
"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man."

"In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans, moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking."

Yup. Sen Joe Biden.

"It may be that, you know, they think that because of who I am and where my political base has traditionally been, they may want me to sort of hustle up what Lawton Chiles used to call "the cracker vote" there."

Yup Bill Clinton. Then you have the MMD themselves. Asking if Obama was "Black Enough." "The Magic Negro." "Slave Blood." "Is he down for the Struggle?" ETC. Now we have even MORE evidence of this. Thanks to our Idiot Of the Week. Again though, we should thank her for giving us this example and for being HONEST.

New York Times - You’ll Never Believe What This White House Is Missing By MAUREEN DOWD

The Obama White House is too White. {Laughing}

It has Barack Obama, raised in the Hawaiian hood and Indonesia, and Valerie Jarrett, who spent her early years in Iran.

But unlike Bill Clinton, who never needed help fathoming Southern black culture, Obama lacks advisers who are descended from the central African-American experience, ones who understand “the slave thing,” as a top black Democrat dryly puts it.
WAIT!! Did she just say Clinton is Blacker than Obama?

The first black president should expand beyond his campaign security blanket, the smug cordon of overprotective white guys surrounding him — a long political tradition underscored by Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 when she complained about the “smart-ass white boys” from Walter Mondale’s campaign who tried to boss her around.

Otherwise, this administration will keep tripping over race rather than inspiring on race.

The West Wing white guys who pushed to ditch Shirley Sherrod before Glenn Beck could pounce not only didn’t bother to Google, they weren’t familiar enough with civil rights history to recognize the name Sherrod. And they didn’t return the calls and e-mail of prominent blacks who tried to alert them that something was wrong.
Stop! Glenn Beck BACKED her. He did not pounce. He stood up for her. Of course we know you never watch Beck or any Fox News, actually LISTEN to Rush, Hannity, ETC. You just get the talking points. I get it.

Charles Sherrod, Shirley’s husband, was a Freedom Rider who, along with the civil rights hero John Lewis, was a key member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee of the ‘60s.
Oh, the guy that said that Blacks had to stop "the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections"

As Lewis, the longtime Georgia congressman, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he knew immediately that something was amiss with the distorted video clip of Sherrod talking to the N.A.A.C.P.

“I’ve known these two individuals — the husband for more than 50 years and the wife for at least 35, 40 — and there’s not a racist hair on their heads or anyplace else on their bodies,” Lewis said.

We may not have a “nation of cowards” on race, as Attorney General Eric Holder contended, but we may have a West Wing of cowards on race.

The president appears completely comfortable in his own skin, but it seems he feels that he and Michelle are such a huge change for the nation to absorb that he can be overly cautious about pushing for other societal changes for blacks and gays. At some level, he acts like the election was enough; he shouldn’t have to deal with race further. But he does.
This is a REAL Article as it appeared in the New York Times Folks. She ACTUALLY believes this.

His closest advisers — some of the same ones who urged him not to make the race speech after the Rev. Jeremiah Wright issue exploded — are so terrified that Fox and the Tea Party will paint Obama as doing more for blacks that they tiptoe around and do less. “Who knew that the first black president would make it even harder on black people?” asked a top black Democratic official.
So wait, she is basically calling Obama an Uncle Tom. Is she not? Kowtowing to the Whites and not doing anything to help Blacks in the Field, as long as he gets the benefit?

It’s the same impulse that caused Obama campaign workers to refuse to let Muslim women with head scarves sit in camera range during a rally. It’s the same impulse that has left the president light-years behind W. on development help for Africa. In their rush to counteract attempts to paint Obama as a radical/Muslim/socialist, Obama staffers can behave in insensitive ways themselves.

“I don’t think a single black person was consulted before Shirley Sherrod was fired — I mean c’mon, “ said Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina, a black lawmaker so temperate that he agreed with an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal on Friday by Senator James Webb of Virginia, which urged that “government-directed diversity programs should end.”

“The president’s getting hurt real bad,” Clyburn told me. “He needs some black people around him.” He said Obama’s inner circle keeps “screwing up” on race: “Some people over there are not sensitive at all about race. They really feel that the extent to which he allows himself to talk about race would tend to pigeonhole him or cost him support, when a lot of people saw his election as a way to get the issue behind us. I don’t think people elected him to disengage on race. Just the opposite.”

Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.’s House delegate, agreed: “The president needs some advisers or friends who have a greater sense of the pulse of the African-American community, or who at least have been around the mulberry bush.”

And why does the N.A.A.C.P. exist if not to help clear a smeared champion of civil rights who gave a stirring speech about racial reconciliation at an N.A.A.C.P. banquet? Its president, Ben Jealous, shamefully following the administration’s rush to judgment, tweeted Monday night that Shirley Sherrod was a racist without even calling his Georgia chapter president or reviewing the N.A.A.C.P.’s own video of the speech.

It was Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist, who, after hearing the entire speech, pushed to get it out and helped clear Sherrod’s reputation on CNN.

The president shouldn’t give Sherrod her old job back. He should give her a new job: Director of Black Outreach. This White House needs one.
As I have said a few times before, Having a debate with someone that thinks, or claims, that anyone disagreeing with this President is Racist, is like attempting to have an Intellectual Debate on the topic of Cold Fusion with a Three Year Old. Just not possible.

Yet according to Maureen Dowd, he is not even really Black. He needs MORE Black people around him to make him, uh, Blacker. {Laughing} The way ONLY the New York Times can do it. Congratulation Maureen Dowd, you ARE the Idiot of the Week. We here on the Right do not care what color he is. We do not ask if he is Black enough. We couldn't care less who he surrounds himself with. What we DO care about is his POLICIES!! Not the amount of Melanin, Street Cred, or anything else.

New York Times - You’ll Never Believe What This White House Is Missing

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