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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

With the BP Mess, Alternatives STILL Not Welcomed

Look at the numbers.

Hey folks,

I know, I know, when someone starts talking about the Stock Market, and numbers, some glaze over. I understand some just do not really care. Or they do not get it, so they "do not care." But the numbers do not lie.

You would think, that with the BP mess, and the MMD, and the Obama Regime still attacking, even though there is no Oil to speak off, no disaster, that Alternative Futures would be beating Oil down. However, just not the case. Although Nuclear looks promising, thanks to China, Oil isn't dropping, and Alternatives aren't rising. Oil just passed $81 dollars a Barrel.

So lets look at this. I'll try to simplify and keep this a bit entertaining. First problem? There are no Wind or Solar Futures. Why? No real demand. There are Uranium Futures. However, the price of Uranium has very little do with production of Nuclear energy or the construction of new Nuclear Facilities, which is what an ETF {Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), also known as an Exchange-Traded Product (ETP)} really captures.

Lets look at Solar

Pricing pressures and reductions in Governmental Subsidies in Germany, which cut Solar Power Subsidies anywhere from 11 to 16 percent, were behind the the reason the stock dropped 7.42 percent. If it were not for Government Subsidies, there would be NO Solar business at all.


AWEA reports that the US installed only 700 megawatts of new generating capacity in the second quarter of 2010. That means new capacity added during the first half of 2010 is DOWN 71 percent where it was last year. Before BP. Before all this insanity coming from the Government. Then if you look ahead? The AWEA estimates that installations will likely be 25-45 percent below 2009 levels. For those that may need a little more help in understanding, that's going BACKWARD. Why do you think the Regime wants Cap and Tax? Their dream of AE is dying. Someone has to pay for it. Even if you do not WANT it.

Nuclear? Well, if you are looking to Invest in AE, I would recommend Nuclear. China has 24 Nuclear Facilities currently under construction. There are plans for even more. The WNA {The World Nuclear Association} predicts that China will reach 200 Nuclear Reactors by 2030. They have 11 right now. However, China has now passed US as the Energy Consumer Champion. But then again, they do not have Environuts to deal with. Well, they do, but they couldn't care less.

But you see the Market is responding to the simple fact, there is NO demand for AE. Their Man-Made Global Warming argument is all but dead. No one is really buying it anymore. Well, enough to matter. Some played hard on the Deep Horizon Accident, Obama did EVERYTHING he could to prolong it, and that didn't work. There is no Oil. Lounging under the surface or anywhere else. So NOW they want to say Screw It, we will TAX them out of business. They still believe, and may even be partially correct, that the Theory "oil prices rise, Alternative Energy becomes more feasible and attractive as an Investment, and more accepted, even if your car can only go 40 miles to the charge, by the masses." is sound. But the problem is, there IS NO AE. None that anyone can point to, that would be VIABLE, affordable, and able to sustain on a mass scale.

Look folks, the price at the pump IS going up. Why? No. Not because of the Deep Horizon Accident, but because of Supply and Demand. China is causing an increase in Demand. Couple that with Obama wanting to shut down ALL Drilling, imposing insane Cap and Tax, and STEAL money away from what drives our, and the World's Economy, to give it to non-existing Alternatives, the Price WILL skyrocket.

It is NOT for our betterment, nor is it going to save the World. It is a Political, Liberal, insane, Power Grab. Another reason to keep you all living on one level, so that the Political Ruling Class, and their friends, can stay on THEIR Level. Which is of course, to Rule over you.

The answer to all this has never been more clear. One, of course VOTE in November, two, ignore that Environuts and those that truly have no connection with Reality, and DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW, and lets increase the Supply of what DOES make the World work, and we will see an end of the Economic decline, lower gas prices, and lower energy costs in total. This means, more jobs, more money in YOUR Pocket. More Money for the States and the Federal Government. And IS the Answer to the Insanity.

Let the Private arena deal with Alternatives. They will. Someone, like T Boone Pickens or the like, WILL figure it out in the long run. They should try on a small scale, increase it a bit if it works, then on a larger scale. If and when they find a TRUE Alternative, the Market will make them Rich, save us money, and will make for a "Cleaner Planet." A Chevy Volt that costs 41 grand, and goes 40 mile to the charge, is NOT the answer. Neither is $5.00 a gallon Gas.

AWEA Report

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