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Sunday, August 29, 2010

IWA For Sunday 082910

Sad thing is, he ACTUALLY believes this.

Hey folks,

Why would he actually believe this? Because he is told to believe it. No thought required.

That's right Jerry Springer actually believes that Obama is a GREAT President.

"I think Barack Obama has done a good job as president," Springer said. "In fact, I'd say even better than good. Do I agree with every single thing he's done? No. Is America perfect yet? Of course not. ... I must admit he's turned out to be an excellent president."
Obviously Sean Hannity, that lives in the real world with the rest of us, pointed out Obamacare, and out of control spending. I would have gone a bit further. I would have asked WHAT. I would have asked Jerry to NAME any great accomplishments that Obama has accomplished that has seen the goal realized. What in Springer's view has Obama done to make this country better. Springer said this.

"He didn't make popular moves — he made courageous moves," he said. "And the fact of the matter is people can go to the banks today and have some sense that their money is still there. ... Plus a lot of people have health insurance now that didn't have health insurance before, God bless that."
That is simply just not true. Record declines in Housing, that now even some of the "Expert" are NOW saying, is perhaps linked to Jobs.{Sigh} Record Foreclosures, Unemployment, and Banks still putting their hand out for more money. Couple all that with a record high deficient that will be burdensome to our GRANDCHILDREN. I should have given Hannity the Display of Logic Award just for this one statement.

"You're living a Jerry Springer fantasy world," Hannity said.
He seems to like it there.

"Well, it's a nice place to be. I welcome you to my world," Springer said.
No thank you Jerry. I live in the REAL World. I have the ability to apply Logic and THOUGHT to what I see around me. I have the ability to actually THINK. I understand that you made you living with a show that is popular for it requires no thought whatsoever. It highlights what Liberal think EVERYONE that is not them are. The stupid, dregs of society. The "Trailer Park Trash," the "Radical Religious," The Drunken, Adultery committing, welfare receiving trash of society. But then again, that is the only people that actually watch the show. Well, them and those that buy the uncensored versions for the Nudity.

Congratulations Jerry Springer. I would have also asked you what you meant by this.

"Is America perfect yet? Of course not."
What would your definition of "perfect" be? Just honestly curious about that. However, for thinking that Obama is a great President? You ARE the Idiot of the Week. You are also in the incredible shrinking minority. The numbers do not lie. Reality is what it is. Sorry Jerry, but you may what to actually look around and listen to people that ask you questions, than listening to those who TELL you what to think. Maybe you might see things differently.

Politico - Jerry Springer: Obama's 'Excellent'

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