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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let The Smackdown Begin

Making her way down the isle.

Hey folks,

For those of you who do not get Professional Wresting, sorry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, making her way down the isle, hailing from Standford Connecticut, weighing in at, {Yeah you ask her} The former Head of the WWE, Linda McMahon. Her opponent, hand picked by the GOP Machine, former three-term Congressman Rob Simmons.

Ding ding. Clotheslines, pile drivers, cross body, and out of nowhere, Linda hits the DDT. The cover, the count. One, two, three. Linda WINS.

This sets her up for a Steel Cage Match on November Second, against Democratic State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for the Conn. Senate Seat Championship.

Wasn't even close folks. Now that Richard Blumenthal, who said he severed in Vietnam, oh wait, no, he didn't, didn't serve in Vietnam, is now trailing McMahon double digits. 50-to-40 percent.

Linda McMahon spent $22 million of her own money to win the GOP nod. Simmons had no chance. He suspended active Campaigning for more than two months after he failed to win the Senate Endorsement at the State GOP Convention. Couple the LARGE bank account, in the Billions, of Linda McMahon, the fact that Blumenthal got caught outright LYING about his Military Service, and the fact there appears to be somewhat of a curse for anyone with a D following their name this time around, thanks to Obama and Crew, Linda has a REAL GOOD chance at winning the whole thing.

The Crowd chants "Linda, Linda, Linda, Linda." If you are a fan or not of the WWE, a COMPANY, that the McMahons brought from a little regal Wrassling show, to the BILLION Dollar Industry that it is today, shows that they are well aware of how the Free Market and Capitalism works. It shows she knows how to budget. It shows that she is capable of successfully running something. I really do wish her the best. Should be interesting to watch.

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