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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Thoughts Vs Actions, Nature Vs Chemical

Does Suicide accidentally happen?

Hey folks,

Did you accidentally kill yourself today? Did you wake up this morning and say, "What a great day." Then accidentally hang yourself, jump off a Bridge, or step in front of a Tran? Maybe you accidentally shot yourself in the head, or maybe accidentally took a whole bottle of pills?

A while back, I just bought this car. Myself and my, at the time, Girlfriend were going to take it to a professional Car wash and Detailing place. She was driving hers, so we could drop off mine. When we got to the intersection, this County Worker, blew through a Red light and my Girlfriend crashed into the side of the Van. Totalled my Girlfriend's vehicle and caused her some injuries. THAT, although some would argue was his fault for running the Red light, THAT is an accident.

Did you get up this morning and accidentally eat breakfast? Accidentally, it's Sunday, go to Church, or Work? Did you just find yourself, without thought, driving around looking at yard sales?

Of course not. Whatever we do, we do, because we first think about it. Some things we must do, others we want to do, but we do not accidentally do ANYTHING, without thought. Accidents happen. But what we CHOOSE to do is what we do.

I was listening to a local Radio AM Show when I heard the Local News come on and talk about this new study, that claims some of the Newer Epilepsy Drugs raise the risk of THOUGHTS of suicide. One of the Doctors, most likely funded BY Big Drug, actually said this.

"The study shows that some of these newer drugs may cause in increase in THOUGHTS of Suicide, but they do not prove, that they cause a higher risk of Suicide itself."
What? Really? Seriously? Did a Doctor REALLY just make such an asinine statement? Well, I knew I had to look into this. I couldn't find this actual quote, but I did find a WEALTH of information on this topic. So lets look into this a bit in today's Health and Science Segment. Note to my repost friends, sorry, this is going to go WAY Long.

So to put into prospective of what I'm referring to, according to Health Day - Not All Epilepsy Drugs Raise Suicide Risk: Study By Madonna Behen – Mon Jul 26, 11:48 pm ET

MONDAY, July 26 (HealthDay News) --Since 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has required that all epilepsy drugs bear a warning label about an increased risk of suicidal behaviors, but German doctors report that only certain medications may increase the risk of self-harm.

However, some epilepsy researchers are skeptical of the findings and say the paper raises more questions than it answers.

The study of more than 44,000 epilepsy patients in the United Kingdom revealed that those who took relatively new antiepileptic drugs with a higher risk of causing depression, such as levetiracetam (Keppra), topiramate (Topamax) and vigabatrin (Sabril), were three times more likely to harm themselves or attempt suicide than those who weren't taking any epilepsy medications.

The researchers found that patients who took conventional epilepsy medications, such as divalproex (Depakote, Depakote ER, Depakene) or phenytoin (Dilantin), or newer drugs with a low risk of depression, such as gabapentin (Neurontin) or lamotrigine (Lamictal), faced no increased risk of self-harm of suicidal behavior.

"These potential adverse effects should be considered in the selection of antiepileptics and during monitoring of the effects of these medications in epilepsy patients," said study author Dr. Frank Andersohn, of the Medical Center in Berlin. "Patients with epilepsy who are currently taking an antiepileptic drug that might increase the risk of depression and/or suicidal behavior should, however, not abruptly stop or change their medication but should discuss this issue with their physician."
So just because you may be having Suicidal thoughts, keep taking it? Just, you know, if you do not kill yourself, make an appointment with your Doctor in two weeks. Or whenever he has time to see you.

Some argue that this study is inconclusive.

An accompanying editorial notes several weaknesses of the study. For one thing, the results were based on a very small number of cases. Also, those taking the newer drugs with the higher risk of depression may have been more likely to have chronic and severe epilepsy, and these patients are known to have a higher risk of suicide, noted the editorial authors.
Just like what has always amazed me. Some anti-depression drugs cause increased Suicidal thoughts. Ain't that sweet. I'm depressed. I take this drug, now I'm depressed and WANT to kill myself. WHY TAKE THE DRUG!?!?!?!

People under the age of 25 who take antidepressants have a higher risk of suicide, but adults older than that do not run the same risk according to a new Food & Drug Administration (FDA) analysis. In October 2004, the U.S. FDA directed the manufacturers of all antidepressant medications to add a "black box" warning that describes the increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior in children and adolescents. This "black box" warning is the strongest prescription drug labeling that the government can order.
Looks look at one such drug. Shall we?

Strattera is indicated for the treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Children aged 6 and older, Teens, and Adults. Forget increased Suicidal thoughts for a second. Let's say you are completely happy, well, then you would not be taking the drug, or would you be, I don't know, oh, look at the Puppy. What, Oh yeah. So let's forget Suicidal Thoughts for a second. You are putting man-made chemicals into your body that is Natural. Look at the ACTUAL warnings.

Do Not Use Strattera If

•you have or had suicide thoughts or actions
•you have heart problems, heart defects, irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, or low blood pressure
•you have mental problems, psychosis, mania, bipolar illness, or depression
•you have liver problems
•you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding
•you have an eye problem called narrow angle glaucoma
•do not combine with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor

Manufacturer's Safety Notice

•Strattera can exacerbate mood swings; important to note if you have Bipolar disorder
Common Reactions to Strattera in children and teenagers
•Mood swings
•Nausea or vomiting
•Decreased appetite
•Upset stomach
Common side effects to Strattera in adults
•Sexual dysfunction (decreased libido, ejaculatory problems, impotence)
•Dry mouth
•Decreased appetite
•Insomnia (trouble sleeping)
•Menstrual cramps
•Problems passing urine
Serious Reactions to Strattera
•Suicidal thoughts and actions in children and teenagers. Watch for the following signs in your child or teenager during STRATTERA treatment:
•panic attacks
•trouble sleeping
•suicide thoughts
•NEW Mental (psychiatric) problems in children and teenagers:
•New psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices, believing things that are not true, being suspicious) or new manic symptoms
•Severe liver damage
•Heart-related problems:
•sudden death in patients who have heart problems or heart defects
•stroke and heart attack in adults
•increased blood pressure and heart rate
•Serious allergic reactions (call your doctor if you see swelling, hives, or experience other allergic reactions)
•Slowing of growth (height and weight) in children
•Problems passing urine including:
•Trouble starting or keeping a urine stream
•Cannot fully empty the bladder
But hey, you may be able to concentrate better. Right? I've told this story a few times before. It has ALWAYS stuck in my head. A friend of mine, a Little Red Head girl, was always drugged by her Mother. Myself and a mutual friend always wondered exactly what she was given her. I remember one day, sitting at the Kitchen table, this little 15 year old girl, sat there starring out into space. Completely unresponsive. Seriously, you could do whatever you wanted to her and she would just sit there.

Well, she came over with my Niece and another girl and the all ended up having a sleepover at "Uncle Pete's" house. Well, that little Red Head Girl did NOT take ANY Medications that day, night, and the following day. You know what? She was a normal, 15 year old girl. A normal kid. Nothing wrong with her at all. They played games, watched TV, and were still up when I got up the next morning. Then once back with her Mother? Yup. Zombie Land Time again.

My point is this.

Prescription drugs are any supplement that contains chemicals or unnatural substances which alters our brain chemistry, hormones, or mentality. There are some prescriptions that work because the drugs involved fool our brain into thinking the opposite of what we are experiencing. The point of this is to trick our brain into not sending communication to our nerves-this allows us to think that everything is fine when it may not be. When all else fails this is usually the type of drug we are prescribed when the doctors do not know what to do.

Prescription drugs most often contain chemicals and hormones. To break down the effects on the body and how dangerous it can be, the following can help you better understand:

Natural and herbal remedies are derived from living plant life. If you every have taken a vitamin supplement you might have noticed the taste just before swallowing, it tastes like ground plants, leaves etc, that is because it is. There are no chemicals involved.

Natural herbal remedies do not alter hormone balance, change chemical levels in the brain or trick your body. Why? Because the herbs contain certain properties that are meant to regulate functions the body to promote healing and health. They are not synthetic or man made, they are simply from the earth and are here to help with problems that we face.

Herbal supplements are a healthy alternative to prescription drugs. People have been using herbs and plants as medicine since the dawn of time. Prescription drugs are a fairly new concept in terms of the last century. Issues of infertility, emotional disorders, organ trouble, brain function, pain, arthritis, among countless others have all been experienced since creation. These health issues are not new. For thousands of years these problems have been fixed and cured by natural remedies.
I've told you about Doctor Dr. Stuart Shipe who has: Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, Han Tang School of Acupuncture, B.A. Degree in Professional Health Studies, B.S. Degree in Pharmacy. He is a Licenced and registered Pharmacist, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, and Doctor of Eastern Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic system of healing which has diagnosed, treated, and prevented illness for more than 3,000 years.

I'm sure that you can find a Doctor like Stuart Shipe, in this growing field here in America, in your area. Logic dictates that making a TEA with natural Herbs is far better than putting man-made chemicals in you body that do more harm than good. But that's just my opinion. Feel free to have your own.

As for the increased thoughts of, yet not actual action of? Well, that pretty much speaks for itself. Does it not? Be well my friends.

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