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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking To School Equals Child Abuse? Preview..

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So what to do if your little Kiddie can't behave on the School Bus? Give him a ride to School? Let him stay home? Seriously? What to do. As the old saying goes, "When I was your age, we walked to School. In Snow Storms. Up hill, both ways." So a Mom who's Son got kicked off the Bus FIVE times. Yes that is 5 times, decided, he should walk to School. Now she faces Child Abuse Charges, $1000 fine, and possibly even a year in Jail. Of course, CPS had no problem jumping in here. No evidence. No proof of abuse. Just an absurd complaint from a busy body stranger, over zealous Cop, and of course, CPS just being CPS.

I could not agree with this Writer more. According to Yahoo News - Mom Who Made Son Walk to School Is Child Abuser -- Seriously? By Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Fri, Feb 17, 2012

COMMENTARY Well, Stanley, here's another fine mess.

Valerie Borders, an Arkansas mom, made her 10-year-old son Nequavion walk to school after being suspended (for the fifth time) from riding the school bus. Was she congratulated? Nope. As per ABC News, Mom was charged with child endangerment and faces one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Let's unwrap the child abuse charges. KAIT says walk to school was longish (4.5 miles). A compassionate, public-spirited (or nosy, bored) bank security guard spotted the lad trudging to school and called the police. The tween boy implored the officer, "Please sir, don't take me home or my mother will beat me." So very Dickensian.

It was also coldish, 30 degrees, though in my home state of Michigan, that's a balmy spring breeze. Kids walk daily through cold and snow in our area. Stores also sell inclement weather apparel in kids' sizes, (Nequavion was wearing such a garment). Anyway, the concern wasn't weather as much as stranger danger or injury, said officer Lyle Waterworth. He encourages other helpful citizens to call the police when they see kids walking alone.

Segue. I find no fault with the police officer for checking this out. As a mandatory reporter, he has to; it's the law. He may have suspected that Nequavion's "beating" reference was just a deflector shield to save the boy's naughty hide, (which Nequavion told KAIT it basically was). Police officers can't take that chance, however. I do fault them for filing charges, once mom explained that her son had been kicked off the bus repeatedly and was being punished.

I give Borders props -- I'm not sure, as a mom, I'd have enough moxie to enforce a march to school. As a teacher, I applaud her for following up with consequences. I once disciplined a student for kicking kids (and explained to mom why). Later, I saw that child at the grocery store enjoying an ice cream cone. Mom's explained, "he had such a hard day."

Admittedly, Nequavion's walk was long, but that's what made it consequentially perfect. As he said, it was mom's way of teaching him to appreciate the bus (kudos, Nequavion, for recognizing that). If she had chauffeured him to school, what would that have taught him? I can see the wheels turning. "Get in trouble--ride in comfy car. Be good--ride crowded, uncomfortable school bus."

Mom needs a commendation, not jail.
Yup. but then again, if I really messed up when I was a kid, Grandma would "correct" me with a switch to the behind. She would be sitting in Jail right now most likely. Have we really come to a place where the Government, CPS, can come in and rip a healthy Family apart because the feel they know better than the Parent? That would be yes.

You know, this stupidity needs to stop. Government needs to shrink and get out of our Private Lives. Let Parents BE Parents. Of course, if there IS Abuse, REAL not imagined nor created, but REAL Abuse, we have Police and Laws to take care of it. CPS is out of control, they answer to no one. They NEED to be regulated. If not disbanded. Parents need to be Parents. We need America and Freedom BACK!!

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Anonymous said...

How interesting - I had a similar experience today! My 14 1/2 year old, 5'8" son would not put on his school uniform this morning, and so I let him know that I would wait 3 more minutes and then the car was leaving... He said fine, he just wouldn't go to school. Well, I have two other kids that DID get ready for school, so I took them and went to work. Less than a mile to school from home.

I saw my son walking to school, in a light snowfall with no jacket, and in uniform shorts. His decision, right?
Well this evening, I got the nastiest call from my ex-husband (and I was on speaker phone with his wife egging him on as usual) who claims that a friend saw my son walking, and almost called the police and CPS, but called him instead. He screamed at me that I should take care of this helpless child, and that I am abusing and neglecting him, and I have failed at my parental responsibilities.
I had my son call him back and tell him it was his decision - he wouldn't hear it.
Now "Dad" and his wife are going to see what they can stir up...
Is there really anyone who could find fault with what I did?