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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Out of Town, No Big Sunday Edition 22612

Helping Family.

Hey folks,

Happy Saturday to ya. Yup. I said Saturday. It 5:25 AM right now and I'm getting ready to leave town. I got a call from a Family member who told me that her and her Daughter have to move. They are moving from one Town to another a distance away. Neither are THIS Town. Since it is only her and her Daughter, they need help.

SO? Me and another family member will be hitting the road at 8:30 AM to head to the "rescue." Well, not really. Just helping them move. Moving, the thing I hate more than going to the Dentist. Seriously. I hate moving me. Moving someone else is even MORE dislikable.

But fret not. I will return soon. Until then, please fee free to enjoy the VAST Archives of Infotainment right here, at the OPNTalk Blog. Have a GREAT Weekend folks, See you soon.

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