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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Projected Cost of $4.60 A Gallon

Are you ready for the Show?

Hey folks,

Have you seen the Projected Forecasts? It's coming. The Politics, the phony Outrage, the SHOW. Do you remember a few years back when gas hit $4.00 a gallon? We learned that this was pretty much the tipping point. EVERYTHING went up. Food, Merchandise, the cost to Power your Home. The Cost to HEAT and COOL your Home. EVERYTHING went up.

We learned during this time that THIS is pretty much the Price where people change their Lifestyles. Where people start traveling LESS. Buying LESS. Working harder at saving, just to pay their Home Bills.

Who was the hardest hit? Those on fixed Incomes. The Poor and the Elderly. Single Moms had to get second Jobs, just to pay for the Gas to go to their main Jobs. Pay more for Childcare. EVERYONE had to pay more for EVERYTHING.

Then came the Show. Liberals in Congress showed their Phony Outrage. They blamed "Big Oil" and said they were going to steel their Profits and give the money to you. They held Phony Hearings and attempting to get you all upset with those supplying the Energy.

Then something happened. An American President stood up and said enough is enough. We will open up new areas here in this Country. We will Drill more HERE. We will start using our own. So what happened? OVER NIGHT, literally, it's a fact, look it up, over night the price of a Barrel of Oil Plummeted. Fell like a rock. The Prices at the pumps started to fall precipitously.

Why? Because everyone knew, without a doubt, this American President was serious. We WERE going to do it. Then comes along another American President. This one says, NO. We will not Drill at all. The Rigs left. The Energy Companies took their Ball and went elsewhere. Then he says OK, you can continue but only if you jump through the hoops I tell you to. Putting into place a de-facto Moratorium. Then he started an outright ASSAULT on anything Energy. He SAID he will bankrupt the Coal Industry. He will NOT allow Drilling. He SAID he LIKES high Gas Prices. He just said NO to the Keystone Pipeline that would provide us with 92 Percent of all our Liquid Fuel Needs. What happened? You got it. The Prices starting on their way back up. They are going to KEEP going.

Why? Because just like the first President, people KNOW he is serious, and they know he will not reverse course no matter how much REAL Outrage is out there. They KNOW he doesn't care. So? Have you seen the Projections? $4.60 a gallon by May. THIS YEAR!

It's coming folks. Get ready. The Politics, the phony Outrage, the SHOW. Obama and the Liberals in Congress will be calling for investigations. They will be blaming "Big Oil." They will be telling you how "Big Oil" doesn't care about you. They will call for more "Regulations" and such. Oh it's coming. But remember who is REALLY to blame here. It's NOT the Energy Companies. It IS totally Obama and Crew. TOTALLY.

Who will be hardest hit? Will Obama? Nope. He's a Millionaire. Will Mikey Moore? Nope, he's a Millionaire. However, who knows, maybe he'll make another Movie calling Oil Companies evil and make even MORE money. Will Congress? Nope, Most in Congress are Millionaires. Will people like Rush? Nope. HE is a Millionaire. No folks, make no mistake about this either, those hardest hit over $4.60 a Gallon, will be those on Fixed Incomes. Those Living Paycheck to Paycheck. But it WILL effect ALL of us together.

And what are you going to do about it? NOTHING! What are you going to switch to? NOTHING. There is NOTHING to switch too. You are going to Pay it. You do not have a choice. It is, and has been, the Environmentalists that have brought us the Environment where this is possible. No new Refineries, Nuke Plants, for like 40 plus years. No new Drilling where we KNOW the Oil is. No Keystone Pipeline. No NOTHING. Just continue to rely on foreign Governments that hate us, to meet our very basic, and fundamental needs.

All I can say to you, get ready for the Show. Get ready for the Elections. Get ready to Vote for REAL Hope and REAL Change. Imagine another 4 years of all this? Imagine another 4 years with NO recourse? He will not be worried about being re-elected. Look around. Do you WANT another 4 years of THIS?

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