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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Barsky Show

Just for clarification.

Hey folks,

Please understand that this is an attempt to explain what I was talking about on Facebook. Please understand that I am NOT calling for a Protest, Boycott, or anything of that sort. I'm simply explaining what happened and HOPING that you do not judge the Rest of the Station nor the other Shows based on being Offended by this ONE Show and this ONE Guy.

You all know I believe in Free Speech. You all know I believe in Freedom OF Religion. You all know that I believe in God. You have a RIGHT to believe or not. You have a RIGHT to saying anything you want. I not only get that, I agree with it. But if what you say offends someone, then you have to deal with that person not being friends, or pleasant toward you. You have the RIGHT to say anything, as long as you are willing to deal with the Consequences.

I love comedy. I have no problem if someone jokes about God, the Bible, the Devil, White People, Black People, Women, whatever. If it is in a joking manner, part of a bit, or whatever, I'm usually OK with it. If it is over the top, I can brush it off and move on.

However, when you go on a Radio Show and you start by calling someone who was speaking at a RELIGIOUS School about the Devil and HIS Views on Faith, and proceed to call him a Kook, Nut, and Crazy, you may be pushing it a bit. But then if you go on for like two of three segments, talking about "This is Crazy Talk." and "He should keep this kind of thing in Crazy Land." you then go from entertaining to offending.

Now it's no longer a Joke. Now it's no longer a bit. NOW it is what you really believe and what you really mean. Which again, is OK. However, it becomes offensive to others that fit in that category. People of Faith. People that DO believe in God, the Devil, and the Bible. People that GO to the "Crazy Land" as Paul Barsky called it, also known as CHURCH.

So on Tuesday night I was told by someone, who was listening at my recommendation when this happened , that they were HIGHLY Offended. They asked WHY I would recommend someone like this. I apologized and thought it may be a good Idea to apologize to ANYONE out there that also became offended by listening to a Show I promoted. So I did. I am.

Folks, again, please do not get me wrong. I am NOT calling for you to Boycott the Show. If he keeps going like this, he will not last long all by himself. I LIKE the Show. He can be a funny guy. I like the others on the Show. I was the first ever, well, I got disconnected, so I was the SECOND caller ever on the Show. However, I will no longer be listening to the Show for the same reasons some of you will not be. Listen if you want to. Don't if you do not want to. But again, PLEASE, do not judge the OTHER Shows on Big Talk 850 based on this ONE. Thank you and again, if you were offended by listening to the Show at my prompting, I apologize.

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