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Friday, February 03, 2012

AMAC Wants Bill Maher Off The Air

"Hey Peter, did you see this. You may get their Emails, I have no way of knowing that. But I know that Bill is not your favorite person. Seems Dan Weber, founder of AMAC wants Bill off the air. So? I ask you, as a christian and one that hates Bill, do you agree?"

Hey folks,

Happy FRIDAY to ya. I do not HATE Bill Maher. I think he is an Idiot. A Mindless, Liberal, Puppet. I think he wouldn't understand Reality if it hit him upside his overly inflated head. I do not find him funny. I do not know why anyone even watches the Show. But HATE? I do not waste my time hating what I can not change. You know, as the saying goes, "You can educate Ignorance, but you can't fix Stupid."

However, having said all that, this IS interesting. Not surprising though. Another thing you must remember is it is ALWAYS open season on Christians and ANYTHING having to do with Jesus. I would love to see him come out and say something like, "You know, I was thinking about bin Laden, and you know what? Man, Allah really F---ed him." Yeah, you would NEVER hear that.

What CJ is talking about here is this. AMAC - Senior Organization calls for Maher’s Cancellation AMAC's Founder, Dan Weber

AMAC, the 250,000 member Association of Mature American Citizens today called for the cancellation of Bill Maher’s TV show on HBO after Maher used the F word describing what Jesus did to Tim Tebow following the loss of his Denver Broncos to Buffalo on Saturday.
Like I said, can you imagine? "You know, I was thinking about bin Laden, and you know what? The way our Troops went in there and kicked his ass? Man, Allah really F---ed him."

“It is one thing to mock a religious figure for a few cheap laughs, it is another thing to blaspheme Jesus, a young man, who many believe gave his life as a sacrifice for all humankind.” said Dan Weber, AMAC’s president. “Maher evidently doesn't think Jesus is the divine Son of God, but he has no right to insult millions of Christians who do”.

“Has American society sunk so low that nothing is considered sacred? If we fail to denounce Maher and stand up for decency what will become of us? Should we tolerate this kind of ill mannered behavior and ignore our responsibility to provide our children with a world where respect and dignity are virtues to be strived for?”
No. Things ARE consider Sacred. Government funded Social Programs. Islam. Atheism. Pretty much every Religion BUT Christianity. Barack Obama. Socialistic Ideals and Scams. Free Rides. You know. GOVERNMENT itself, in some areas of the Country, is considered Sacred.

AMAC, which describes itself as defending the traditional values of Faith, Family and individual Freedom, is calling for its members to contact HBO which airs Maher’s TV show. Weber said, “We should not become angry at the thoughtless utterances issued by Bill Maher.Instead we should invoke the great power of prayer to fill him with a common sense of decency and respect for those of us who revere our religion.”

“Whether you are a member of AMAC or not, please join us in this effort, write and email HBO and demand the Bill Maher show be cancelled. ”

Join us in our effort to send a strong message to HBO. AMAC and its members value decency and decorum, we will not tolerate hateful behavior that serves to undermine faith and family.
Well folks, here it is if you want to sign, just click here Sign the Petition Now! I'm not really sure that it will do anything. Then again, Bank of America? Verizon? The Power of the People IS an amazing thing.

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