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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Radio Station?

"Thanks for considering the link. As a side note, I noticed you have stopped promoting your quote unquote favorite radio station. I mean, I was really starting to think you worked for them. I do not live in Florida so whats the point. It was getting a little annoying." Signed R---- L----.

Hey folks,

Have I told you about my Favorite Radio Station? It's Big Talk 850 WFTL. Live, Local, and Fun. The best form of Infotainment on the Radio today. You see, it starts out at 6 am with the Morning News with Dave McBride. Followed by the BEST Morning Radio Talk Show on the Air today, The Conversation with Rich Stevens and News Dude Dave Mcbride from 9am - 12pm.

Then at Noon, there is really no need to change the dial. No folks, because at Noon Joyce Kaufman comes on from Noon to 3pm. For over 20 years, this feisty Jewish and Puerto Rican Lady is not shy about telling you what she thinks. She LOVES this Country, and is hell bent on saving it. Like me, she is an Independent thinking Conservative. She tows no Party Line, unless it is one that makes commonsense. I'm telling ya folks, give her a Week, you will be hooked.

Then at 3pm, the New Guy comes on. The Barsky Show. Join Barsky and Company as they discuss a variety of topics, as well as the biggest stories of the day. It's three hours of Irreverent, Provocative, sometimes Hilarious but always Entertaining Radio for South Floridians. And anyone else that may tune in.

Yes, like I said, a GREAT form of Infotainment. No need to do anything but lock the Radio, OR, if you do not live here in Sunny South Florida, like RL, go to the Website and click "Listen Live" from 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday. No need to jump around. Never a dull moment. Check them out. You won't be disappointed.

Oh by the way, if you check out the List of Personalities, you know one you will not see? Me. No RL, I do not work for them. I'm just passionate about what I feel is the best Radio Station out there today. Simple as that. Just as a side note myself, all the times shown here are Eastern Standard. But that's OK too. You can always down load Pod Casts, take them with you on your Mobile Device, whatever. {Smile}

Be right back

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