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Friday, November 11, 2011

Spending Too Much Money? Cut Out Pointless Things

Sounds like a good Idea. But?

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to ya. This is actually pretty funny if you think about it.

"Hey Peter. I'm spending way too much money. I can't afford it anymore. I mean way too much money. I spend out of control even. But you know what? It's all ok. I'm going to save money by cancelling my Newspaper delivery and go with only online stuff. Yes, I'm serious about saving money. Now it's ok if I spend $1000.00 on this, and $5000.00 on that. I'm serious about saving money. I'm no longer going to get the paper delivered."

Yeah I got that too. I should probably not admit that, once they find out, I may stop getting it. But I got that too. What they are talking about here is this STUPID Email that David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President, sent out. The Topic? Saving money. A Contest for Federal Employees that come up with Ideas on how to save money, then summit them. The Winner gets to sit down with The One himself, and present his / her Idea to Obama directly. {Laughing}

What an Award. I know. The most obvious point here is SO? He doesn't listen to his own Advisers. The "Experts." Those with Degrees and YEARS of Experience. But they want Bobby in Housing to think that Obama will LISTEN to him? {Sigh} Sad thing is, most of these Employees probably DO believe that.

So what are some of the Ideas submitted?

Matthew Ritsko, NASA: At Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA employees purchase specialized tools and ground support equipment for developing and building flight projects. Many of the tools are not tracked once projects are complete, and as a result funds are wasted on duplicative purchases. In order to cut down on repeat purchases, Matthew suggests creating a centralized tool repository – or "lending library" – where these tools can be stored, catalogued, and checked in and out by NASA employees.

Eileen Hearty, Department of Housing and Urban Development: All across the country, HUD contractors and staff conduct annual Management and Occupancy Reviews of multifamily properties (i.e. apartments) that are privately-owned and subsidized by HUD. Many of these properties receive high marks year after year and consistently provide excellent service. Eileen proposes a reduction in the frequency of reviews for high-performing properties – a change that would reward superior properties for their excellent work and reduce the travel costs, staff time, and fees paid by HUD for these reviews.

Kevin Korzeniewski, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency: When Kevin began working as an attorney in the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, he automatically received a new set of U.S. Code books that get updated and reordered every year. Because the information in these books is now available online through LexisNexis, Westlaw, and free sources – where it is also updated in real time – Kevin suggests that his agency stop automatically ordering these books.

Faith Stanfield, Social Security Administration: Every quarter, the Social Security Administration (SSA) produces and mails OASIS, a 25-plus-page, glossy magazine to 88,000 SSA employees all across the country and more than 1,000 retired SSA employees. The OASIS magazine has been around for decades; however, as more and more SSA communications shift online, Faith suggests that the magazine be released only in an online format to save money on printing and shipping that could be put to better use elsewhere.
So basically, stop putting things in Print and go Online, and keep better track of tools to avoid the Cost of buying new ones. Meanwhile, we are Spending TRILLIONS of Dollars. {Laughing}

But that's OK. See? They really care about looking for ways to Save Money. See. They want to listen to the People. They CARE. I agree with you. It is Pathetic. Sad thing is though, most of their Base will actually buy it. See? They care about cutting spending. I even got to Vote. I matter. They care what I think. Unlike that Evil Bush guy. This President wants input by the little people.

2012 is coming. A more important Election has NEVER taken place. Do not get distracted by all the nonsense out there. We need Obama and Crew GONE. We need someone to at least START to save this Country. We can not afford another four years of this.


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