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Sunday, November 13, 2011

IWA for Sunday 111311

This tirade is one of the MANY things wrong with this Country.

Hey folks,

Time to wrap things up with the Idiot of the Week. I, {Sigh} I, I really have few words for this. Listen to this, I'll be right back.

“There’s a f——— art to the first term because you’re always running for a second term the whole time. It’s like Clinton’s first term. You can’t really do your gangsta sh— until your second term. … Even Bush couldn’t really f—- up the world until his second term. That’s when he put the hammer down.

I’m like everybody, I want more action. But I understand that he’s trying not to piss off a lot of people. But I believe wholeheartedly if he’s back in, he’s going to do some gangsta sh—.

The last George Bush we had was the first cable TV president we had. And what I mean by that … he was the first president that was only president to the people that voted for him. He did not give a f—- about the people that didn’t vote for him. Obama is actually trying to be president to the whole country and there’s a lot of compromise being president to the whole country. In a weird way our complaints about Obama is because we miss Bush. We miss hating somebody. We miss the guy who didn’t give a f—-. … Bush didn’t give a f—- about us. He just really, really didn’t. We want revenge; we don’t want justice. That’s the problem with the Democrats. We want revenge.”
This tirade is one of the MANY things wrong with this Country. Uh, the Economy? You good with that? Unemployment? You down with that? Howabout the Housing Market. You Cool? Seriously. Your "Gangsta" has completely F---ed Up Da Country. But you Cool? Your "Gangsta" spent more money in 1000 days than the Entire Country has spent, TOTAL, since 1776. Look around. You cool?

I know, I know. Our Idiot is a Millionaire. He don't care if Gas hits $4.00 plus a Gallon. He don't care about his Electric Bill. He don't care if his Brothers are Hardest Hit in his "Gangsta's" Economy. He got his. He's Cool.

Now imagine if Obama DOES get back in. He is right about one thing. Right now, and in the back of Obama's Mind, he IS holding back. With all we got, imagine an Obama with NOTHING to lose. Imagine that.

Yes, Our Idiot is a Comedian. But what his "Gangsta" has done to this Country is far from Funny. Congratulations Chris Rock. You ARE the Idiot of the Week. Please. I like you. I enjoy your Movies. Now shut up and do what you do best. Entertain us. Leave the hard work to those that understand Reality. You want Revenge? Cool. So do we. We want the Country BACK. In 2012, we'll get it. Thanks in part to your "Gangsta" himself.

Politico - Chris Rock, the Obama supporter By PATRICK GAVIN 11/9/11 3:50 PM EST

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