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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Herman Cain Needs To Go Offensive

If he is indeed innocent.

Hey folks,

Happ,,,what is it? I'm taking some time off to take care of some things, Thursday? Really? I could have sworn it was Friday. Anyway. Happy THURSDAY to you. As promised, Herman Cain.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on Monday. A Liberal friend. When they came out with something that just put me into orbit. I was, well, Pissed. I was actually both Pissed and a little Sad. I like to think of my friend as a Intelligent, good person, that in some areas is simply misguided. Not your typical Brain dead Sheep. With this question that my friend asked me, and in the manor it was asked, it got me thinking that my friend is nothing more than a card caring member of the Sheeple. "Why are Conservatives so Cowardly. Why will they not discuss Herman Cain's accusers, yet attacked Bill Clinton every day for his Accusers?" My friend asked me that, nearly word for word.

First of all, I never attacked Bill Clinton for his Sexcapades. I know this Blog has only been around since 2006, but I have been Online since the early 90s. Various DBs, Newspaper Sites, and places like EThepeople. I only remember a few times when I actually made some comments. Like "If he is guilty of actually RAPE as accused, then not only should he not be in Public Office, he should be in Jail." And the only time I remember calling for him to be removed from Office was when he was found GUILTY of Lying to a Grand Jury and Impeached. Other than that, I never called for his head as many on the Right DID do. My friend should know this. Truth be told, I would take another 4 years of Bill Clinton over what we got now in the White House in a heartbeat.

OK. Herman Cain. Let me elaborate on what I said on Tuesday morning on the Radio Show. For those of you who may not have heard it. By the way, you SHOULD have heard it. You should be tuning in EVERYDAY between 9 am and 12 noon Eastern to "The Conversation With Rich Stevens, and News Guy Dave McBride." That's RICH. Don't call him Rick. He hates that. {Smile} Best Morning show on Earth. Anyway, for those that didn't hear it, here is my point of view on all this.

I'm a COO or a CEO of a Company with 1000 Employees. Little Sally on Line Three, Warehouse 2, putting Labels on Cans, files a Sexual Harassment Complaint to her Supervisor saying I Sexually Harassed her. The Supervisor calls the Manager, the Manager contacts HR. HR calls me and says "Hey Sir, have you ever met Little Sally from Warehouse 2?" I say No. HR contacts the Lawyers and they say, "Look, little Sally makes $30 Grand a year. Let's give her $60, have her sign a Statement that she will never discuss this, and wish her the best in her Future Endeavors." That's what happens. Little Sally takes the Money and runs. Me? I'm playing Golf. I'm wheeling and dealing. I do not know ANYTHING about any of this. It doesn't matter if it was just Little Sally, or others heard, hey, you can make some money, just file a complaint, I still know nothing about this. It never gets all the way up to me.

10 years or more later, someone asked me, "What about little Sally? She accused you of Sexual Harassment and you paid her off to go away?" First, I would say I have no idea what you are talking about, then I would look into it. I would then relay the details as I was told. But of course I would deny it. I did NOTHING wrong.

But then you have the latest one. THIS one is different. Sharon Bialek. Which IS Pronounced Buy-a-lick. Accuses him of attempting to force her to have Oral Sex in his car. Yeah, I know, you really can't make this stuff up. But Sharon Bialek goes on National Television, and accuses Cain of SEXUAL ASSAULT. Actual Physical, Sexual ASSAULT. She does so while cracking a joke and laughing, but she is accusing him of ACTUAL ASSAULT.

Folks, if this were me? My Attorney or Attorneys, would have filed Paperwork to SUE Bialek before she was done with her little presser. I would have come out that day and denounced it, and said I was Suing. I would go full force on the Offensive. Not because I'm concerned with my Campaign. Not because I'm attempting to cover something up. I would be going to WAR with Sharon Bialek because I AM Innocent, and to attempt to make an example of her, to show others, you do this? You will get the same. I'm serious. I would go after her for everything she has.

Maybe I should have prefenced this, but Cain is NOT my guy. I'm not in the Cain Camp. I am not in any one's Camp yet. I guarantee you this. Cain gets the Nomination, he gets my Vote. Perry, Romney, Bauchman, ANYONE, gets my Vote over Obama. Well, except maybe Huntsman. Like I said though, I would take another four years of Clinton over Obama ANY DAY of the Week.

My friend who defended Clinton EVERYDAY, in the FACE of all the actual evidence and PROOF that he was guilty, yet joins in the ATTACK on Cain with NO Proof whatsoever, is what is Sad to me and what sets me off. I'm not defending Cain because he's my guy. I'm defending Cain because it is the right thing to do. I know, that is a concept that the Left have no clue about. But until someone somewhere can offer PROOF, in my eyes, Cain is Innocent.All these attacks show is just how terrified the Left really is of him.

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